Saturday, August 7, 2010

Downtime & Delicious

My cat in her new favorite home behind the blinds and I bid you good morning.

I'm not going to do the question for the 30 Days of Books today because it's not a question I found I could give any real answer to. The question was "Your favorite scene?" and honestly, that's just begging for a two-hundred-way-tie and I'm not sure I can pull off that much descriptive effort.

Let's just pretend I did day 9, okay? If we all pretend, it's like I really did. In any case, I'll pick back up with Day 10 tomorrow.

In any case, I have two things for you today; good news and a good recipe.

The good news is that I am officially gainfully employed here in Greenville! It's a part-time job, so I'll be keeping my eyes out for a second one, but I'm really excited to be already starting work on Monday. I've been here a week and I've got a job! So, you know. I'm dancin' around when it comes to that.

Now we just have to work on finalizing stuff with Jason and we're both set to be settled here.

In other good news, I have a new welcome mat! My husband's aunt Hope stopped by with her girls to give us a housewarming present, and it's a welcome mat with the palmetto and crescent moon South Carolina thing on it. I feel like such a thrilled tourist, but I really like it.

Yes, I feel the welcome mat is important enough to mention.

Don't judge my happiness.

I said I had a good recipe, and I certainly meant it.

And so!

Basil Chicken on Rice

What You Need :
3 cloves of garlic
3 green onions
2 jalapenos
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon chili oil
1 package of chicken, breast or tenderloin
Roughly 4 cups of white or brown rice
4 or 5 leaves of fresh basil
1 tablespoon or more, to taste, of fish sauce
About 1/2 cup of water, optional
Salt and pepper, to taste

On to Creation!

First, take a small saucepan and fill it roughly just under halfway with water. Set this on to boil. While you're doing that, dice your garlic and green onions. Dice your jalapenos (Jason removed all the seeds and our dish really wasn't very spicy at all; next time we'll leave some seeds in) and set those to the side. Slice your basil into long, thin strips and set those aside as well.

Pour your olive oil and chili oil into a medium-sized saucepan and heat up. When the oil is a good temperature for cooking, put in your garlic and green onions. Cook for a minute or two, until the green onions have gone a little translucent in their white parts and the garlic is especially fragrant. 

When your small saucepan boils, take the lid off and add in enough rice that it just sits above the water when you pour it in. Stir, then set on to simmer and replace the lid.

Add in your chicken and begin to get it cooking. Now I was wanting to make a sauce that would go over my rice as well, so once the chicken had really begun to cook, I added about half a cup of water into the pan. Add your fish sauce and stir around. The air will smell quite fishy at first, but I promise, it goes away and it really makes this dish amazing.

Stir your rice. Replace lid. The rice will need to simmer for ten minutes or so to really fluff up.
Once the chicken looks white (but not done just yet), add in your jalapenos and continue to cook. Once the chicken and jalapeno and everything are nice and cooked in together, and your water has created a 'sauce' at the bottom of the pan, turn off your heat, put on a lid, and allow to sit until your rice is finished.

Once your rice is suitably finished, take your strips of basil and add them to the chicken, along with salt and pepper at this time. Stir around until the basil is thoroughly wilted.
Add rice to your bowl, put chicken (and a little sauce) on top, and enjoy!

Oh man. So good.
I think it would easily serve about four, since we definitely had leftovers for the two of us. 

Man, now I want to make it again because I'm thinking about it.

Today's plans involve lurking around the house while Jason is off at the lake with his dad and working on getting our bedroom a little less... explosion-like. Possibly braving the coffeehouses of the great outdoors just to see if I can drive there on my own and back without Jason giving me directions. 

We'll see.

If I don't come back, avenge my death.


  1. That is such a cute pic! Yay for the job, that's great. I really think that dish looks good. I love that it has jalepenos. Maybe I can get my daughter to cook it. Happy Saturday!!

  2. The recipe sounds really good...but it uses a couple of things I would probably never use again... hmmm...

    Is the cat getting settled? Figuring out that this is the new home?

    I want to see your welcome mat...and pictures of your apartment...I'm used to your mess so don't use that as an excuse!


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