Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Can't take the country out of the woman

Even if you transplant her into this pretty, sprawling city.

I've been driving a lot; most of where we've needed to go has been up and down Woodruff Road, one of the main roads around here and an incredibly busy one. I've driven to a bookstore, Wal-mart, gas stations, all kinds of fun stuff. We turned the truck back in slightly ahead of time, it's all going fairly well so far.

Our apartment is still a mess, so we're working on that. But we've made some progress!

Well, we went out and bought bookshelves, as our previous college-kid particle-board bookshelves simply could not make the move without being absolutely wrecked.

We do not miss them.

So now we have pretty brown bookshelves, and I managed to get about half our books onto them (we have so many books, let me tell you this. So. Many.). We have some wall shelves we'll put up soon and then I can hopefully get the rest of the books on those and get all these boxes taken care of.

We still have to figure out which box the canned goods are in! We've been so busy we haven't really looked hard enough.

So! Progress looks like this:

 See? Pretty pretty cherry-style wood. And yes, sigh, those are Longaberger baskets. I'm not even done: I have three more I need to find places for. And I've been eyeing a few on the website.

Proof positive that I am turning into my mother. I'm actually okay with that. My mom has awesome baskets.

Another view, in which you can see all the empty boxes the books were in! Also on the TV is a painting my little niece did for me. I think it shows some clear Modernist talent. Give her time; she'll be a sensation.

Anthony Bourdain, zombie books, Simpsons books, and two books on plague: one specifically on the Black Death and one just about how epidemics have affected history. These are some of my favorite things.

Yes, there is clearly something wrong with me. But they're next to the cookbooks! That's normal, right?

Cookbooks, some of our favorite books, baskets, and my tigers.

More books! The vase with flowers in it is from my wedding: my mother still has a bunch and my mother-in-law has some, too. I like to keep them out where I can look at them and remember just how hot it was and how good a glass of cold wine felt at the reception.

A box of shells, rocks, and assorted little fiddly bits. The shells are almost entirely from my first trip to Garden City Beach with Jason when we started dating, the marbles are from a jar of marbles my late grandmother gave to me, that little flower-box in the back is from my Great-Grandma Bicknell, up front is a red-and-black petrified wood piece that my childhood best friend gave to me after her visit out West when we were kids (see, Rikki? Still have it). The geode that little black bear is sitting in is from a trip to Turkey Run, Indiana with my best friends when I was a young teenager in which we discovered geode rocks and had a great time breaking them apart... and giving me a hideous red sunburn on my back.

Seriously, it goes like that for a while. I keep a lot of things because they have stories attached to them.

Flower from the vase, close-up.

Charles de Lint and Gone With the Wind, on the top of the bookshelf next to Jason's James Bond books.

Some of my kids' books on this shelf. I have quite a few Madeline L'Engle books, obviously The Neverending Story and the Giver are big ones, my exactly one Lloyd Alexander book (I'm working on it!), and the Momo book my friend Tea from NYC got me because she is wonderful.

My North America's Forgotten Past collection. It's about half a shelf, and about to take up more if I buy the hardcover of the new book today. Which I just might.


If I'm very, very good.

So this is our progress, or at least some of it, thus far.

Today I've got an interview (wish me luck!), we need to go talk to some people about Jason's job prospect, and then I plan to come back here, relax, and do a bit more unpacking.

This morning, I "slept in" for the first time in over a week. And by "slept in", I mean, "did not wake up to an alarm". I still woke up at 8 AM like usual, but I woke up on my own. It was pretty much lovely.

Tomorrow, I plan to do that exact same thing again.

Oh, what lofty ambitions I have.


  1. Moving isn't easy, but you seem to be doing it with grace. You do own a lot of things, but they're precious things, things with a personal meaning, and that's priceless.

  2. Book shelves have a calming air about them. You can’t argue with a book shelf about how stately it is. Nor would you want to.

  3. that is a lot of books :-) good luck with the job hunting

  4. Where'd you get the bookcases? I love them!

    Glad things are coming together for you! I've been thinking of you.


  5. We actually just got the bookcases at Target! They weren't really that expensive at all or anything.

  6. I am taking some of your books.

    You can take some of ours too if you so desire.

    Also, I agree the Giver is awesome....I also have my copy from way back when.

    If you ever long for the country, call me on a Friday. We'll go to Happy Berry Farm for various berry picking and then hit up the goat farm for some goat and goat cheese. Then the wine store. Then we shamelessly consume.

    Hom nom nom

  7. That part's looking good! I love that you used that sign I found. I think the world is all better now that the books are all taken care of!

    The bookcases are really pretty.

    How's the air conditioning workin' for ya??? I'm sure Carbondale would have killed you earlier this, HOT, HOTT!!!


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