Thursday, August 19, 2010

Butterfly Fly

This is a butterfly alighting on some beautiful flowers outside my in-laws' house.

Not much to say right now, so I thought instead I'd leave a photo for you.

Also, this older photo I messed with but ended up not posting:

Jason is working overnights now, at least temporarily, so he is still asleep. I ended up going out to get coffee because I didn't want to wake him with the coffee grinder sound. I suppose I'll need to remind myself to grind the coffee tonight in advance.

I need to work on my house today; there are too many boxes all willy-nilly. If I can just get the boxes mostly organized into a single part of the house, I will call it progress.

For the moment, however, I am going to curl up with my hazelnut latte, full of breakfast sandwich-y goodness, and read Everyday With Rachael Ray. Because somehow, at 12:36 in the afternoon, I am still sleepy.

Well, that might actually have more to do with not getting to sleep until almost 3 AM last night and being up before 10 AM today.


I'm sorry. I'd stay some more but that hazelnut flavor is just calling my name.

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  1. the second photo I. just. *heart*. I would be so proud of that if it were mine... ! :)


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