Thursday, August 5, 2010

30 Days of Books, Day Seven

Day 07 - Least favorite plot device employed by way too many books you actually enjoyed otherwise

Lying as "romantic" and driven by love.

There are rather a lot of books I liked otherwise who employ this tactic. One of my friends who is doing this meme had much the same response and it's kind of gratifying to have read it. This drives me up the wall, and sometimes is basically an excuse for lazy writing.

Even when it's not, it's annoying and mostly pointless. 9 out of 10 of these books, honesty would have gotten the same thing done and more believably, too, without sacrificing the overarching plot and storyline of the book.

Instead, they lie. They lie up and down and sideways and backwards and eventually it all comes to light, as lies are wont to do, and after some little tiff, all is forgiven, and it's a sign of just how much that person loves the other one, they were willing to lie to them for their own good!

Blegh, no.

Although it's not a plot device, another thing that drives me crazy is the excusing of borderline or outright abusive behavior in men in a lot of young adult as well as adult books. It is not normal for your boyfriend to take apart your car's engine so you can't go see your male best friend because he is jealous. It is not normal and it is not attractive or "a sign of his love" for him to be calling fifteen times a day to check on you. That stuff is scary.

And I'm seeing it in a LOT of YA books right now.

I'm guessing it's the Stephanie Meyer effect; Twilight got so big people are aping everything she did hoping to have the same success.

This worries me, though. Normalizing that kind of behavior is not a good thing.

So, yup. Day Seven.

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