Friday, July 9, 2010


Yesterday, the clouds rolled in. We had a little thunder, a touch of lightning, but nothing too weird and not enough to keep the cat under the bed for more than an hour. What we did get was some rain. Some blessed, blessed rain. We have needed rain for a while. The grass was starting to go brown and the ground was cracking apart in several places. The mudcrabs have been burrowing deeper and deeper to be at the water-line where they like to be. The creek down the road from our house got much lower than I like to see it.

Although that does mean I got to see a happy little frog yesterday. Hello, little frog.

So the sky dumped some rain while Jason was at work last night, absolutely dumped it. Short and fast, like someone had simply overturned and absolutely giant bucket on us. It was lovely. Unfortunately, it wasn't quite enough to cool the air as much as I would have liked.

The cloud cover hasn't ceased and today the sky has been spitting rain constantly. Not enough to really do anything but wet the ground and the air, but certainly enough to be annoying.

 Trust me, this is definitely annoying.

Walking is like wading through water. I feel sometimes like I could open my mouth and drink the air and not even need to ingest any fresh water at all.

Still, I'm grateful for the moisture. I just wish it was all in the ground and not in the air. You know?

Plan for today: Clean up living room and bathroom to ensure that both are vaguely livable looking. The kitchen is also planned. Other plans for today involve possible eating out with Jason and, if not, the making of delicious foods.

Yesterday I filled out the rental application and submitted it, and Jason and I faxed in his last two paystubs. Now we just have to cross our fingers for them to approve us and do so quickly. I have a lot of phone calls to make, both to set stuff up and to cancel what we've already got, and not a single one of those calls can be made until I know what my future address is going to be. Argh.

Countdown 22 days.

Sigh. I'll miss the turkeys.

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  1. Oh, I so know what you mean about the moisture in the air!
    I think most of the states are getting some needed rain right now, but the humidity it has brought is horrible!
    Living in Texas, we are quite use to the high humidity levels, but they are extremely high right now.
    I loved your expression about drinking the air! Quite funny!

    Crossing my fingers on your rental application. It's always so nerve wracking when you just don't know.


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