Thursday, July 22, 2010

To give myself focus

The main part of this post isn't going to be about Illinois at all. I do want to let you all know that I saw the entire herd of deer together last night, and when they are not spread out, there are actually fourteen of them. Fourteen. That is four higher than the highest count for a single night for us, and I saw them all together last night. Including the buck, who we rarely see with the does, but he was there last night.

I also saw a coyote! While I was walking down the lane he wandered out of the grassy meadow across from the cornfield into the road without seeing me. Once he saw me, he froze. He and I looked at each other. I started taking photos. He looked at me for a moment longer, appeared to give the canine equivilant of a shrug, and ambled slowly across the road towards the cornfield.

Apparently there are many animals who find me mostly harmless.

I did not get a single shot of said coyote that was not absolutely awful, but I give you my best attempt and proof at least that I did see him:

Stupid weird light quality messing with my camera.

Now I told you I wasn't going to focus on Illinois today, and I'm not. I have some old pictures of Greenville's pretty downtown park, and I am going to post them and remind myself that the place I am moving to has a very pretty park.

Also gelato.

This is what happens when I get creative. I took a photo, put a texture over it, then fiddled with the colors to give it the look of those really old nature photos, back when they had to paint the color in because color was not a part of the development process.

No creativity here. Just another photo of the waterfall.

And some trees.

Okay, now I need to keep that in my mind while I try to work on the rest of the back bedroom today.

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