Saturday, July 24, 2010

Three digits is one digit too many.

At least when it comes to temperatures, it is. At 7:30 PM I am still reading 93 degrees Farenheit with heat index making it feel close to 100. This is not pleasant, decidedly so.

We hung out with some friends of ours we adore and are sad to be losing and had delicious Chinese buffet for lunch. Jason is making a salad now while I sit here and think about how hot it is and drink endless glasses of ice water.

Plans have changed slightly: tomorrow is officially Kitchen Day, all day. We are going to make that room shine, darn it. And when that is done, take a break. And when that break is done, uhm, throw some stuff out because I have so much trash still. You never realize how much trash you accumulate until you're in the midst of moving.

Even with not having gotten nearly as much as I'd hoped to done for today, we're still basically ahead of schedule. We're treating this as if we actually have to leave Friday by 2 PM instead of Saturday by noon. Hopefully, this will lead to us basically being done by early Friday, which is good since my family's coming into town and there's going to be rather a lot of us going out to dinner and then hopefully escaping to a hotel for the evening.

I am going to go think very cold thoughts now.

Textures for both these pictures from this group on Flickr.

I like making pretty things.


  1. I love the textures in these shots. The first image, the monotone palette is a delicious source of silhouette and hue. The second; a swirling and delicate macro.

  2. Gorgeous photos, Katie!

    I think you and I are on the exact same moving schedule. I'm aiming to be done with packing by Friday afternoon so that Saturday will be much easier. Moving in this heat is the pits, but I have AC in the place where I'm currently living, so I feel lucky, indeed.

    Wishing you the very best of luck with your move! xo Gigi

  3. I'm back to say how darn spooky it is that you and I just commented on each other's posts at the very same time. We must be on some kind of parallel moving cycle!!!

  4. Hahaha I thought that too when I got your comment notification! We just feel moved to comment on moving issues!


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