Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Story, in Pictures

So that I will not take up this space repeatedly discussing all the stuff that hasn't worked itself out yet.

So, Friday I talked about how it had rained, was still raining.

This doesn't really look like that much rain, but...

Well, that might illustrate this a little more clearly. There was a lot of rain. All at once. It didn't last that long, but it made everything outside kind of hazy and ill-defined when the sun came back.

We went for a walk. It's kind of what we do.

Everything was dripping, everywhere. Flowers, trees, even the grass was occasionally getting a good breeze and shaking water droplets everywhere.

Down the road, through the not-quite-haze created by the sun shining through the moisture in the air, we saw a doe crossing the street to get to their favorite meadow. Unfortunately, this is all we would see the doe.

We were watching for more of the herd of deer to come wandering across the street, but what we saw was definitely not a deer.

See? Definitely not a deer. We walked a little more quickly down the road. We got to the end and there was nothing! No deer, no turklings. A little disappointed, we moved to turn around and go back, when I caught a noise off to the side in the cornfield.

Can you see them?

Turkeys! A big tom and his lady friend, not the turklings we've been keeping our eye on recently.


Then, we left them alone and wandered back home, since Jason had to get ready to go into work.

And that's the end of our tale.

I'll leave you with a picture from Thursday that I never did get put up of our turkling darlings in a field.

See? They're getting so big now.

The end.

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  1. Shows that even in the rain the world's a pageant of wonders.


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