Sunday, July 25, 2010

Six Days

Countdown: six days.

I would estimate packing is about 75% done. I expect to be 95% done by Wednesday night, since we are loading that truck up like we were born to load moving trucks on Thursday.

The heat was not so oppressive today, although we are sweaty sweaty individuals. But we're actually gettin' some work done in the kitchen!

Which, interestingly enough, is also 75% done in my estimation. Maybe I just like that percentage.

We're taking a break now. I fully expect us to have this break, then take a walk, then return and finish up. We need to: finish moving things out of the kitchen to the "things which are packed" room in the back, finish cleaning surfaces, do dishes (yes, dishes), clean on top of fridge and the sides of it (cleaning in the fridge will not happen until Thursday), and mop the floors. And then all the kitchen will need is one more quick sweep, perhaps, before we go.

We found a Jell-O packet in one of the very top cabinets that we never put anything in. It is sugar-free Jell-O. We do not eat sugar-free Jell-O. It said "best by Feb 2009". I wonder how long that's been there.

For the sake of knowledge, it was strawberry.

No, we did not eat it.

I am craving dessert like crazy, however.

The cat does not like this "changing everything, putting stuff in boxes, and moving around a lot" thing. Not at all.

I am watching her stalk around all predatory and uncertain right now. I can almost see her thinking, "Well, at least everything still smells right..."

Just wait until we have her in a car for twelve hours on Saturday.

It just really sunk in that Saturday means this Saturday.

I'm going to go quietly freak out now.

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  1. Think...ADVENTURE! It's a new place in your life!


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