Friday, July 30, 2010

One last before I go

So, it started with a truck. We were meant to get the 16' truck from Budget Truck Rentals. They didn't have one, although I had reserved it, and we were instead given a 24' truck for the same price as the 16'. This is interesting, given that they also didn't have the car dolly we were supposed to get and instead gave us a full car trailer. So now we have a full semi-length of moving truck and car towing.

Jason test-drove it a little and said he felt mostly safe, although getting used to planning for the trailer is going to be an issue.

Then, after about an hour more time than I thought it would take us, we got the truck back to the apartment, and tried to decide what to do with it.

My mother-in-law Robin deliberating with Jason as to how to get started filling this gigantic space.

It was a hot and incredibly sunny day, and there were three of us, and we went ahead and went for it.

My husband, and his wedding watch.

We had piles and piles, boxes upon boxes, of things to start from. We needed only to pile perhaps one layer or two along the whole floor of the truck, it was so much larger than the space we had originally planned for. I became less worried about fragile things when everything is in a single layer and a total avalanche-style collapse is not something we need worry ourselves so much about.

So in went the boxes.

And crates, and bed stuff, so on and so forth. I miss my books already.

At some point we took a quick break for pizza and water.

The heat had steam coming off of my ice water, the difference in temperatures was that extreme. It was something like 100 degrees with the heat index, which we're actually pretty used to so far this year, but it's no fun.

Then back to packing.

And now we sit in a house wherein 95% of the things are gone. We have a few things left to pack and some vacuuming and cleaning to do. I need to get everything out of the back rooms, vacuum them, clean the kitchen for once and for all, since we'll barely be using it today, and work on the bathroom later tonight. We'll just need to vacuum the living room before we go Saturday morning.

Tomorrow will be a very, very long day.

Adding to that excitement, new neighbors just moved in next door yesterday, and we have our stuff spread all over the place. We apologized, but they're just getting stuff unpacked and then heading out of town for a few days, so it looks like we won't have any trouble with the amount of space we're taking up.

Why am I writing so much detail, you ask?

Because we're only going to have internet for a short while longer. At some point today we have to pack this stuff up and take our internet modem back to Mediacom and bid our internet goodbye for the weekend.

I won't be back 'til Tuesday.

But when I get back, I'll be in another state unpacking in my new apartment and figuring out a whole new part of the country.

I sure hope everything goes at least fairly well, since I've already been shown that absolutely nothing will go according to plan.

C'est la vie, I suppose.


  1. It's a whole new adventure!

  2. ...I sure hope everything goes at least fairly well, since I've already been shown that absolutely nothing will go according to plan...

    Hey nothing going according to plan does seem to be the plan at times doesn't it? Good luck to you. (^_^)


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