Friday, July 23, 2010

More of My Wild Photo Flailings

Let's see, things that got done today: more packing, some more plans about just what we might be packing later, and I did some more work on my "make photos look much older than they are" bit I've been playing around with in Photoshop.

I'm going to upload the waterfall here again, and show you all three that I've done, in order.

The first one I did. I've had slightly different plans for each of them. With this one, I was trying to recreate the idea of photographs wherein they used to paint the color in because they only developed in black and white... think very old National Geographic photos.

As stated in an earlier post this appeared in, this is one of the series of smallish waterfalls in downtown Greenville's park. The funny part about this is that during the time period whose photos I am attempting to recreate, these waterfalls would not have been here.

The idea here was just a regular photograph, albeit quite aged. This is a scenic lookout point in North Carolina on I-26 that Jason and I stopped out on our way back from visiting his folks in January. I took a picture of this because it was something like 2500 feet above sea level, which I believe is the highest I've ever been.

Today's experiment, which was simply on creating borders and some weirdness with texture.

This has been a great stress reliever for me during the move, something to focus on that isn't moving. I'm enjoying it a lot, too. The inspiration to do this came from some of the blogs I'm reading: Honey Rock Dawn, Kim Klassen Cafe, and prairie girl studio among them.

Should I keep sharing these as I make them, or should I show everyone some mercy and just keep it to myself?


  1. I like seeing what you do with them...

  2. I do like what you have done with these. I remember reading online somewhere "don't listen to the purists, almost all photos can benefit from a bit of Photoshop". I'm not a purist...bring on the smoke and mirrors I say!!


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