Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Metaphor in a Single Image

This is a picture of my sister doing my hair, sometimes in the early-to-mid Nineties. Judging on that... amazing turtleneck and jumper combo, I'm guessing that I am around... 10 years old? Maybe younger? Mom would know.

Frankly, I think the real story in this picture is how anyone got me to wear a turtleneck, a pink (red?) jumper, and opaque white tights. Ah, the things we do to make our mothers happy.

Anyway, back to the point.

I feel like this photo is an incredible metaphor for my life-long relationship with my older sister.

She is the middle child, I am the youngest.

This is how things go:

Something fairly undramatic happens. I flail around, make faces, or otherwise make the act seem as tragic and horrifying as possible, while Christina calmly continues about what she's doing and gets the completely banal undramatic job done while I'm still working hard to create the illusion of suffering.

Look at my face there.

Look at how I'm suffering.

Plays have been written, nay, epic poems about the sort of pain I'm living through there.

Life is so hard when your sister does your hair.

Well, life is so hard when your sister does your hair while you're wearing opaque white tights, a turtleneck, and a pink (red?) jumper. Honestly, I don't think I can be held responsible for any dramatic fits I threw while wearing that outfit.



  1. Coming from a household where I saw my sisters go through the same ritual, this post takes me back to those days of sister's yelling at one another when it came time to do the pic even though you're in pain. :-D

  2. Oh, you are funny today! I believe it's a burgundy jumper... and Christina says we didn't just torture you on a daily basis, you must have been going somewhere to be dressed like that!

  3. Dasuntoucha: Oh, I doubt I'm in any real pain, seriously. I just didn't like having my hair touched, let alone made pretty.

    Mom: Well, it's clearly a dress-up outfit, but I can't figure out for -what-. Or how you got me in a turtleneck when I was old enough to argue about it. I'm guessing there was bribery involved? In any case, it was considered unusual enough that a picture was taken...

  4. Every once and a wile I will find a picture of myself around that age and jokingly use whatever I'm wearing in it as proof that my mother doesn't really love me.

    Don't even get me started on what she did to my hair. >_- God save us if crimping ever comes back in style.

  5. sometimes i wonder what it is like to have a sister ; ) oh, how i adore this photo.


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