Monday, July 19, 2010

It's a frog.

He was nice enough to hold very, very still for me.

For a while.

So far the following things are true:

1. Jason called about whether or not he would get the 'good job', so to speak, and was given a timeline of sometime this afternoon that he should get a call back.

2. We called the mechanic in Litchfield and were given the good news that one of the guys in the shop is interested in buying the poor car himself, which would mean we would just drive up there, empty the car out, switch around with the nice mechanic guy and pay our bill to the nice shop people and be done with it. Just. Be. Done. So we're heading up there tomorrow.

3. We're going to miss that car. I realize that's not an accomplishment, but then, when I consider how much I really, really did not like that car, it kind of is an accomplishment to realize I'm going to miss it. Oh, Mustang, your lack of power steering fluid shall live on in my heart.

4. We will officially Have Power when we get to Greenville. This is exciting news. They're going to technically start it on Friday, even though we probably won't be there until very late Saturday or early Sunday. Jason seemed to think we could live for one day without power and suggested I have them start power on Monday.

5. I reminded him that I will get a hotel room.

6. We're going to have power starting Friday!

7. We still don't have a solution to the cable problem? The man who is currently living in the apartment we are moving into seems to just not feel like setting up a transfer or cutoff date for his own cable, which means we can't set up the start-up date for our own. If I have to live a week without internet because this guy was lazy, I am going to hunt him down and... grumble angrily at him.

8. I am looking forward to having actual cable television again. The pricing in Greenville means that we can afford more than just the like, seventeen local channels. I'm going to have the Discovery Channel. And Comedy Central. And and and and and the Travel Channel. The angels sang praises when that helpful customer service rep gave me the monthly cost for cable-internet.

9. Jason has to go take a test in approximately two hours. I think I'm going to force him to let me get iced coffee on the way. It'll be an exciting moment for us. Who will win? Well, who can make everything seem Utterly Dramatic and like the World Will End? I think you know the answer to that.

10. I am a huge fan of numbered lists.

11. Yesterday we worked a bit on the bedroom. Nearly all of my clothes are packed, and I have a suitcase-and-a-half of everything I'm going to wear for the next twelve days. This is exciting. I still need to finish up the bedroom, which is today's plan, and start really throwing myself at the back bedroom and some of the kitchen stuff.

12. I am going to post twice today and I know it, because I have a whole thing brewing about multiple generations using the same toys and well, just go with it, okay? I'm not so annoying you can't stand to read me twice, right?

13. The deer let us get closer than ever before last night. I think if we were staying here, then we might be able to work up, over the course of another year, the ability to get close enough for serious detail shots.

14. The turkeys and deer are definitely in an alliance. Also every single one of those deer turned to stare at us at exactly the same time. It was a little eerie.

15. And they just... kept... staring.

16. I should probably stop using numbers now.

17. Haha I lied! Still using numbers. This is another tiny vine. I have an idea brewing with these vine pictures I have. I'm not kidding. My little artist fingers are twitching.

18. That's all, for now.

19. Okay now I just want to get to 20.

20. The end.

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  1. \o/ to everything on the list! Greenville is happy to have you! Supposedly we're in the top 3 cities in the country for "strongest overall employment outlook" ( )


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