Friday, July 16, 2010

It was certainly a day

Some of the phone calls were made, but not all. Iced coffee was made, as well as some peppermint/spearmint/blueberry sweet tea to keep in the fridge. Laundry was done. A walk was had.

Deer were seen.

Lots and lots of deer. All told, we counted at least seven distinctly different deer. We saw the buck as well as two does in a field, with one baby who is NOT the half-grown baby we've been seeing all over the place lately: we saw him elsewhere and this one was smaller. We saw the above doe in a field by herself.

We saw yet another doe in another field on our way back, but it was definitely on its own. Jason thinks some of the more solitary deer are wandering in from other places, but the herd with the buck, does, and the babies actually tend to stay in a small range and we thought that might be typical.

And turkeys! This is actually the half-grown turkling group we've been watching since they were chicks. The full-grown adults and their newer babies must be elsewhere.

Really, the animal-sighting is the most exciting thing that happened to me today. I don't know how I feel about that.

Tomorrow plans are: Finish phone calls that can be finished, clean the bedroom, separate what can be considered already packed or packed away with what needs to stay out and available to us until actual moving day. Clean the hallway (this doesn't seem like it would be a job, but... you haven't seen our little hallway). Hopefully receive the last car-thing we need in the mail to go deal with the car.

Sunday: Exist with my husband.

Monday: Hopefully up to Litchfield to deal with his car once and for all. Call some folks.

Tuesday: Clean the kitchen and separate what needs to be or already is packed from what has to stay out until the last second.

I'll let you know if any of those grand ambitions actually come to pass, hmmn?


  1. Your day all seem so well-spent among nature's splendors and human companionship.

  2. Great lines in the first photograph. I love days where you get to the end and feel satisfied with just being alive, making plans and day dreaming...


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