Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Inch by inch

The rental place we're hoping to get an apartment with hadn't gotten back to us by Monday, which seemed a bit odd, so we gave them a call and found out that their e-mail system wasn't working and so they hadn't received our application at all, and since the application had our phone numbers, they hadn't been able to call us. So my bank helpfully let us use their fax machine to have a paper copy faxed to us, which we filled out and faxed back in (I went ahead nad faxed a printout of the electronic application anyway, just to be safe). So hopefully we will get a call back very soon.

Jason called the people who are supposed to be looking into him getting the job we currently refer to a the "good job" and was told they didn't know yet, basically, and that they would call him. We were not given a timeline for when this call would occur by. So cross your fingers.

We are not going to be able to drive his car even going slow back from the mechanic's in Litchfield. We asked if they knew anyone in town who might buy up a car for scrap metal, and they didn't. So I don't know what's going to happen with that car, but eventually we have to go take it off their lot at least.

See, all of this is going nowhere exciting, huh? Oh well. At least I think about 1/4 of our stuff is packed now. Ish.

I am in the midst of an experiment. I have made iced coffee quite a bit recently that has come out delicious. I also like to make 'cuban coffee'- coffee with dark brown sugar and cinnamon in it, topped with milk. I am, today, attempting to combine those two delicious things into Iced Cuban Coffee. Wish me luck, compadres.

I will share my secrets with you if it comes out at all the way I hope it will.

 This is what the clouds looked like outside of my house Sunday afternoon. Yeesh.

Seriously. Yeesh. Not much came of it, though, but it was sure enough to make me a little more careful about how long we spent outside. We got some rain, of course. Mostly it was just cloudy all day... sometimes cloudy enough to be very dark or at least a little off-putting. They cleared out enough that Jason and I went for a walk yesterday.

To take pictures of vines! Okay no, not really. But I am sort of entranced by these vine-y flowers that are everywhere and still blooming bright orange. Getting close up enough to see them twist around the 'host' plant is kind of neat.

Alongside the cornfield, in the ditches beside the road, I noticed a whole bunch of little butterflies had absolutely fallen head over heels in love with these tiny little flowers.

So very in love they held surprisingly still while I took photos.

Neat. Seriously... just neat.

I happened to catch an odd movement off to my left in a small, grassy clearing we've often seen turkeys or deer roaming around in. The grass is brownish-tan now, the perfect color to hide in. And there's a small pile of fallen tree limbs. But something wasn't right about one of them.

Something wasn't right at all.

So I engaged my trusty zoom-in function on my camera and...

Turkey lady! Actually, we discovered an interesting fact today. There is more than one batch of turklings. There are the first group of turkey babies, which are already looking half-grown and are decidedly able to take care of themselves (they no longer stick with the Ladies and Gentlemen turkeys that have to be their parents, but wander together in their own small group)... and the new turklings! I didn't get any photos where you can see them, but Jason and I were able to see very small turkey chicks near the Turkey Lady.

Wildlife is just so cool.

Especially when it wanders across the road in no particular hurry.

And then comes back again when you don't even have to zoom to get a close-up photo.

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