Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Iced coffee, good news and the countdown continues!

YES. I have good news. We finally got the details hammered out with the apartment complex today. We signed a lease! Jason and I have somewhere to live as of August 1st! WE HAVE A LEASE. IT IS SIGNED.

It was a morning full of back-and-forth faxing at my local bank... the people there were so deeply nice and patient allowing us to use their fax machine basically all morning and for the last couple of days too. But IT IS DONE. IT IS FINISHED. VOILA, TA-DA, ET CETERA.


Ahem. I'll... calm down now. I swear.

We celebrated with lunch at the bookstore. We wandered over to Petco to look at the Humane Society animals they have there. They had four kittens today, two of whom were incredibly friendly and sociable, two of whom were very focused on sleeping or food, but not us. I think Jason would have taken the grey one home right then and there given half a chance.

Jason is very picky about cats, so it's fun when he falls so deeply into like with a cat right away.

The last cat he did that with is our current pretty girl.

Yay! Signed a lease! I realize this is not exactly a grand accomplishment but it's one step closer and one more worry off our minds! We'll be moving into a one-bedroom and not a two-bedroom as we had originally planned, so we are definitely going to have to look into maybe seeing if we can't divest ourselves of any more of our stuff to make room.

Big Things left to deal with: Getting me a job, Jason figuring out which job they're going to give him, and dealing with his car. Tomorrow I have a WHOLE bunch of phone calls to make, since I know what my future address is going to be now! I am so excited to have this thing off our hands. That'll get the ball rolling on everything else, right?


So, I told you that if my iced coffee came out delicious I would share my secrets, did I not? AND SO MY SECRETS SHALL BE SHARED.

Iced Cuban Coffee With Milk

You Need:
Coffee, ground. Roughly 8 heaping tablespoons per 8 cups iced coffee. I use a 'light' I.E. acidic and 'citrusy' flavor of coffee for iced coffees.
Milk. I use skim, but I bet this would be absolutely divine with half-and-half or whole milk.
Dark brown sugar (light brown probably works, too)

I am using a French Press to make this coffee, which only brews about 8 cups at a time. If you have a larger French Press, you'll need to adjust the amount of ingredients you put in. If you are making a drip press, you'll need to brew the coffee, then add and stir other ingredients afterwards.

Either way, let's begin.

Normally, when I make coffee in my 8-cup French Press, I need about four (or five if I'm feeling strong today) little measuring spoons (that correspond, I think, roughly to very heaping tablespoons) of coffee beans, which I grind myself. Same measurements ground probably apply. When making iced coffee, you want to make your original batch of coffee double-strong. In which case, use 8 tablespoons coffee beans, ground. 

Put enough water to fill your French Press plus about one or two cups extra on to boil (or set your coffee to begin percolating if you have a drip press). For French Press users, add about 1/2 cup of dark brown sugar for eight cups of iced coffee, plus about a tablespoon of cinnamon (per your 8 cups: switch this up depending on how much you're making). 

Pour water over your coffee grounds into your French Press as it boils. Stir the coffee grounds, cinnamon, and brown sugar with a wooden spoon a few times, then set your top on to let it steep. 

For drip-press users, allow your coffee to sit and cool just a bit while you add the brown sugar and cinnamon to a carafe (remember to use a carafe that is either tempered glass or that you know can stand up to hot liquids!) Pour the coffee over the brown sugar and cinnamon, stir until it seems dissolved.

After five to ten minutes of sitting and steeping, press down the filter to separate grounds from water. Pour into tempered-glass or a carafe that can handle hot liquids. 

For the drip press, you can move on to the next step once you feel everything has dissolved well.

Add about one cup of ice, piece by piece, stirring continuously while you do so. When the overall temperature of the liquid feels lukewarm and no longer hot (I just touch the outside of the carafe to check), put your coffee in the fridge to cool.

Once cooled, pour over two to four pieces of ice, to about 3/4 of the way up the glass. Top off with cream or milk and voila! Delicious,chilled iced coffee for a hot summer day.

Well... that got rambly. Trust me, deliciousness. I am actually making iced coffee as we speak.

Or, uh, as I write.

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  1. Yippee for a place to live! That has to be a major load off your mind!

    Coffee recipe sounds pretty good. I'll have to figure out how to translate that to my itty bitty little coffee maker sometime AND make it low carb...


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