Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I know what I said.

I promised pictures from my trip, nothin' exciting here on the Carbondale homestead, so on and so forth.

I lied.

Last night, Jason and I went for our usual walk and ended up off the beaten path in a field looking at a marshy creek that runs right through the meadow we've been walking by for almost a year. We've never gone this direction before.



Deer deer deer deer deer!

Deer deer.  And if you look REALLY close to the bottom right of the last deer to the right, you will see our half-grown TURKEY BABIES.

I couldn't get a single good picture, but the deer and the turklings are clearly in an alliance. They are bonding.

Aaaaaand deer.

We saw the whole herd tonight, including the Mama Deer and Baby Deer who are usually more reclusive. And we scared the turklings, earlier, actually. We walked past their hideout and they all burst out in a flutter of wings and panicked 'cluck' noises. It was pretty cool.

Then Jason and I went walking off the path.

They had laid down some rocks over the small marshy creek to facilitate them getting over it more easily, I think. It did help take care of the muddiness problem, until you get past the creek itself and back onto dry land.

Very, very dry land.

We could use some rain here.

To the left is the marsh-grass where the creek is. To the right is regular grass. See what I said about dry?

This was tremendously exciting for us. ALL THE TINY FROGS IN THE WORLD, let me tell you. They all live in that marsh, apparently.

Tell me that's not beautiful.

If you look to the very bottom, those are fresh deer tracks breaking up the mud.

From, y'know, the deer we just saw.

Jason, who is surprisingly well camouflaged, actually.

That is all, for now. I'm hard at work getting up the motivation to do the dishes, then make myself something to eat. Then... Then i think it's time to get back to work on packing boxes.

I have all these pictures from the trip! But deer tend to get in the way.


I mean good-bye.

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  1. I LOVE the 7th picture down. The one of the close-up of the grass w/the pond in the background. Very beautifully taken!


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