Wednesday, July 7, 2010


To do list for today: Jason pulls down some of the big boxes in the back bedroom closet, we take apart the bookshelves (that are falling apart anyway and will be recycled as painting surfaces), move the already-packed book boxes to the corner the bookshelf was in. Empty boxes go where book boxes were. Then I work on the back bedroom a little more. Tomorrow, we may be going to get Jason's car from Litchfield, assuming they can fix it.

He got a call from them yesterday... as accurately as I can explain this (which, honestly, I am not a car person... so take this as you will) the seals on his transmission blew out. He hadn't driven his car for that long of a stretch at a time in months and the mechanic thought that at any point that he HAD, they probably would have blown at about the two-hour mark anyway. They're pretty sure they can just replace the seals without having to replace the whole thing. I sure hope so.

That poor car.

In any case... pictures!

These are all from the Fourth of July weekend. Fireworks in Atlanta Friday night and the Fourth of July parade and all-day party at our family friends' house in Hopedale on Sunday.

My niece and my older brother.And her awesome frog chair.
Now this is going to be incredibly photo-heavy, so I'm going to go ahead and include a jump for those of you clicking on just the overall site. So click 'Read More' to see the rest!
 I realize this is blurry, but for some reason all the pictures of my dad are. This is my father, with Delainey and my brother-in-law in the background.
 Let's see... Christina, my aunt Lisa, Buster, my great-aunt Anne, my brother Bryan, my Grandma, and a tiny portion of niece's head in the bottom-right corner. Whew. Also somebody in the background. I don't know who that is.
 My sister and my mom. 
 Getting ready... I didn't get a good picture of just how many people were here. Suffice to say a whole lot. Small town fireworks shows can be a very big deal. Atlanta has one of the best, too.
 Delainey and her mama getting ready for fireworks.
One thing I simply cannot get across to you in words is just how exciting fireworks were for Delainey. It was toddler heaven in every sense of the word. She would scramble up on Christina's chair or my brother-in-law's just shrieking her happiness when everyone cheered and clapped. Just watching her really enjoy everything made it the best fireworks show I've ever seen.
So... time for Hopedale's Fourth of July parade!
 The parade begins! Of course it starts with the flag.
 Something deeply interesting off to the left. Or her right, I guess. Also I love that toy guitar.
 In comes the high school marching band! I used to be in that band, you know. For four years I toiled in the hot sun during parades so that the crowd might cheer for us. It is so nice to be on the other side of that, let me tell you. Very, very nice. 
 Delainey high-fives Winnie the Pooh! She got to hug Tigger, too.
 I don't even remember what this was for. I just think that's awesome. I want a train-car car!
 The tractors! There is always a long line of tractors at the Hopedale parade. I'm not really doing the parade justice without showing you about a hundred photos of it, but honestly, you don't want to see all of that and I don't want to do the editing process for all of that. Let's just agree to imagine about twenty tractors where I only show you the one.
 The aforementioned gorgeous older sister, yet again in profile. Apparently I'm starting a theme here.
 The horses are here! My favorite part! And usually the end of the parade, if you're smart about it. A lot of these horses were not happy, though, let me tell you. Dancing along with their ears back and their riders working hard to control them. There was one appaloosa who had managed to get the girth on his saddle incredibly loose and I wished that rider well... one good jerk and she'd slide off the side.
On to the party! Only a few pictures here.
A wonderful way to start a party.
 Bryan, my older brother. Look at that handsome fella. Look, I say!

That looks about right. This beer was actually really interesting, like a lemon-honey cough drop with beer aftertaste. Actually really delicious.
 Jason. This is the only picture I got him to not make faces for. I think he's getting tired of me taking pictures of him constantly.
Well, too bad. Mwa ha ha. Mine is an evil laugh.
Pool time! Or rather, it had already been pool time, but I didn't get pictures until now. So... there.

I'll let it rest there. In short, Sunday was kind of eventful. After a while we went up to the park where the Fourth of July festival was going on. Delainey zonked out she was so exhausted and my friend Sarah showed up! So Sarah, Jason and I wandered back to the house the party had been at and hung out for a few hours until the fireworks were over and it was time to go. Jason and I had to leave the next day to get back here!

Still one of my best Fourth of July's, I think. I mean, I think so. I can't think of many others where I was this happy throughout most of the day.


That was a lot of pictures. Whew. I'm going to stop now. Tomorrow: pictures I got of the Central Illinois countryside  last Friday afternoon and a few more garden photos from my mom's house!

Look, I took all these pictures, so you get to look at the best ones whether you like it or not. Nyah nyah nyah.

I'm going to go do the dishes now. Ah, it is an exciting life I lead.

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