Thursday, July 8, 2010


As promised.

I'm not feeling especially witty today, so rather than fascinate you with my ramblings, I'm just going to put up the photos.

Photo heavy, so click 'Read More' to see 'em all.

That bunch of trees there? That's McLean, the town I grew up in.
 Another view of the road into town. That metal building to the left is a grain silo.
 The butterflies were so hot they were very sluggish while I was out there, I was able to get a couple of good close-up photos.
 I like wild things that grow beside the road.

See? Look at the grass color vs. this dry red plant's color. That's basically awesome.
 A tiny flower. I could only barely get this shot, it was so small it was hard to focus on.
 Wildflower! We don't have this flower even in southern Illinois where I take photos usually, which goes to show you how quickly things like this can shift in 'range'.
 An old corncob next to a new, green field.
 Close-up shot on corn.
 Another of those blue wildflowers.
 Corn and a country road. If I ever write a memoir, maybe that's what I'll title it. It sounds catchy, right? Hmmn... 

Corn and the blue sky.

And the rest of the photos from around Mom's house, just a couple of these.

A tree in the backyard.

Leaves on a bush in the front yard. Wow, my descriptions are just magical today, aren't they?

I just really like where they placed this little girl figure, watching over one of the flowers. It's pretty adorable.

That's... that's just a huge feather I found in the yard. I mean huge. Like the length of my hand twice.

The watering can planter. I love the watering can planter, even if it is pink.

That's all for today. I don't know. Nothing terribly exciting happened yesterday and today looks like it will hopefully consist of more of the same.

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