Saturday, July 10, 2010

could use a luckdragon right about now

I really, really could.

So, right now the following things are true:

1. We still don't know if Jason will get the job we are hoping for or not. He hasn't been rejected, no one has been hired for it, and we know that he will get something with them; he's already transferred in as an employee to start in early August either way. But the job we're hoping for would keep us financially on the up-and-up even if it took me a couple of weeks or even a month to find something down there, which I doubt it will, but still. It would be nice to know. We've called, but nobody knows anything yet.

2. So far, no biters for me. I know I've got a decent resume but I also have a couple of periods of unemployment, including right now, which I know doesn't look the best. Honestly, I'm at my best in interviews, too, so getting to go in and talk to people is sometimes the difference between getting a job and not getting it. But being eight hours away from the place we're moving sort of cramps my style, though.

3. Jason's car is a dead, dead fish. It's not even flopping. They repaired the busted seals on the transmission, but nothing works. It would cost at least 800$ to get a used but working transmission in that car, which is about 300$ more than we think the car is even worth. We are weighing our options right now. We can handle a one-car household for a little bit, and frankly if we knew Jason had the good job we could handle getting a new car when we got there as well, but we don't know yet. We just don't know.

4. No word back from the rental place yet. This makes me nervous, although I realize it doesn't mean anything. Everything makes me nervous these days.

5. I have a giant pile of phone calls I need to make changing our address, canceling services as of the 31st, and setting up new ones. I can't do any of that until I know where we will be living so I can give out our new address. Cutting things this close make me very nervous indeed.

Like I said, though, everything makes me nervous right now. Everything.

6. Sunsets are gorgeous after it rains and then the clouds clear again. I have photographic proof.

So there you go.

I'm going to go put this nervous energy to work and clean the living room now.


  1. Hang in there, Sis. Things will come together!

    Beautiful picture of the sunset!

    Love you!

  2. Moving and change are a nerve wracking combination. All the best with your dragon hunting!

  3. Alas poor Mustang, I knew him well.

    However,it may end up being one less car we gotta get down here. Right now by Justin and I's account we maybe looking at 5 drivers and 4 cars.

    Jason's would (sadly) be one down.

    Another thing I'm looking into is the cost of a small plane rental and gas. There's the Southern Ill airport about 4 mi from Carbondale (one way airlines are wicked expensive and still only get us around 2 hrs from you guys). We'd have to fly down with little more than the clothes on our back but it MIGHT work. Don't get your hopes up just yet though. I got my pilot but don't know what the plane will run yet. BUT then we MIGHT be looking at as little as 2 cars.


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