Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Close Encounters of the Doe Kind

I did some packing work on the back room last night. I took out trash bits, one by one. So much trash. There is just so much that we had kind of let go in the back room because really, no one has honestly slept in the guest room really but -us- during an intriguing bout of laziness called "All of the blankets and pillows are on the futon because we had a party and we're too lazy to just move them, so we'll sleep on the futon for three days."

Such is the joy of adulthood and a guest bed.

In any case, I did a lot of trash-bag emptying yesterday. And it's summer, so it's hot, and it's been rainy, so it's horrifyingly humid, and I was kind of dragging myself out to the dumpster to dump the last trash bag, staring at the gravel rocks in our driveway and sort of telling myself "It'll be over soon, Katie. It'll be over soon." I'm on the phone waiting for Jason to pick up at work and when I get to the dumpster, I dump my bag of trash in, look up, and just as Jason picks up and says hello I realize there is something right in front of me, in the wooded area just behind our dumpster, between us and a field.

I left the dumpster in for context so you can get a better idea of just how close she was. I hissed at Jason that I was looking at a deer right now and had a quick, whispered conversation with him. Throughout all of this, the doe stared at me like one might look at a particularly interesting book cover in Barnes & Noble: vaguely fascinated but not really willing to put the effort in to either look closer or just walk away.

I did not have my camera at this time. I hung up with Jason, slowly walked back into the house and picked up my camera, and slowly walked back, expecting the whole time for her to have wandered off or run away.

She was in the exact same place.

We continued to stare at each other, and at some point I turned my camera on and took pictures. For a good three minutes straight, because at sunset the light quality gets weird and my camera only gets a good photo in every one out of ten or so.

At some point she ambled forwards a little bit. She was not alarmed at all, just keeping an eye on what I was up to just in case she needed to be.

We continued to make eye contact, just kind of looking each other over.

After a bit, she finally decided it was time to wander off.

So she walked away, in no particular hurry, into some trees. She never flashed her tail or made any sign of being scared at all.

It was very cool.


  1. What a place to live!! Really nice moment that, well captured.

  2. We call it "Kijang" here in Indonesia


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