Friday, July 2, 2010

Barleywine Style

Tonight is beer-y sort of night.

My brother-in-law brought a whole bunch of beer and has generously let me have a couple of bottles... one of which is the Sierra Nevada brand Bigfoot Ale, a "barleywine style" brew. It's incredibly hoppy and malty. This is now something for the person who does not really, really like full-flavored beer. Believe me, if you don't like heavily flavor-y beer, you will not like this. You will not like it at all.

If you like malt and hops? You will adore this beer. It's very... dance-y.

In other news: My brother Bryan is finally in town. We went and picked him up at the train station in Normal today. My little niece was very excited: she is deeply into her adoration of trains right now, so she LOVED seeing the train come in. Absolutely loved it.

"Bryan's on the choo-choo!" We counted the cars with her until Bryan came out.

It's beautiful and sunny here, but not hot enough to be ridiculous.

I'm sleepy but I can't seem to sleep if I go to bed before midnight, so whatever. I just push it right up until the end. I will have so many pictures to pick and choose from when I get back to Carbondale, though... I fully expect, Monday or Tuesday, to put up an incredibly large entry full of images for everyone of my niece and my parents' house.

For now... I finish my beer, and I call it a night.

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