Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Back Into Routine

Just finished eating delicious, delicious dinner. A new iteration on my Cowboy Caviar recipe. I had to cut out the bell peppers, as we didn't have any, but I added the very last of some of our Newman's Own Farmer's Garden Salsa and a generous helping of Newman's Own Black Bean & Corn Salsa to round it out and make it a little smokier and spicier. Put that on some tortilla chips with quesdilla cheese and avocado bits and you have the best chilled summer supper ever.

I still need to make some more iced tea.

However, I have some photos from my trip to stick up here before Jason and I go walking again.

In Mankato, Minnesota, after the storms. See this entry for more detail.

My gorgeous older sister, in profile.

 The adorable niece, who informed me that "we have to water all the flowers" before I took this picture. She is two and a half.

 This is not a barn. This is a barn-shaped birdhouse. It has been decorated by my niece and her sidewalk chalk.

Clearly, she is an artist in the making. Absolutely cute.

Sun Tea, which is exactly what it sounds like. It is tea made by submerging tea bags in water and putting them in the sun.

A riding tractor toy that has been in our family for decades. There are photos of multiple generations on this thing, with the newest photos of course involving my niece.  

I took a bunch of photos around Mom and Dad's garden and house. No matter how many pictures I took of these pretty flowers, this little bumblebee managed to insert himself into every. single. one.

Clover growing in a shadowy spot with moss on the side of the house.

The Council of Pink Flowers.

 And a green thing growing in the same spot as the clover. There are piles of these green plants with these hanging off of them. They're actually really pretty close-up with the sunlight kind of going through them.

That's all for now! Tomorrow: Fireworks photos and the Hopedale Fourth of July Parade I attended. Possibly a photo or two of the all-day party at our family friends' house we attended. You never know with me: I'm full of surprises. Thursday: countryside photos from central Illinois. And of course I'll be sure to let you know- and see- anything super-cool we run into down here while we count down the days.
You might even see more photos from around my parents' house. Bwa ha ha ha ha...

Okay, so that's not really evil. Still, it was a good laugh, wasn't it?
Walking time!


  1. hey katie! found you on blogcatalog...

    you have a beautiful site, love the header and all your pictures!

  2. I love the sister in profile pic, and the cute little one watering. A budding green thumb by the looks of things!


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