Friday, June 4, 2010

Updates from my mother's house

So it has been a surreal week. I am very tired. My grandmother's visitation was meant to be 5-8 PM Wednesday... people started showing up at 4:30 and it went on nonstop for five hours. When I say nonstop, I don't mean in fits and starts, I mean there were lines out the door almost the entire five hours straight. We had somewhere around 350-400 signatures in the guest book, but that doesn't really begin to cover the population, because many people did not sign or even see the guest book. We estimate around 500-600 people, possibly more.

The funeral the next morning was the biggest funeral I have ever seen packed into that Methodist church. We had to set up seats in the hall outside of the main place for people to sit because there was no room! And it was still standing room only. We got another 100 signatures. I don't know. I think if you take into account everyone who did not sign or see the guest book... I think we probably saw over 1,000 people... someone pointed out that they certainly hoped nothing bad happened in Atlanta, IL because the whole town was at the visitation!

My great-aunt lost consciousness during the funeral and died en route to the hospital. She was my grandpa's sister. Another heartache, but we are small town folk. When tragedy strikes, we circle the wagons and we take care of each other.

My great-aunt's visitation is Sunday, so I'll be going to that. I think tomorrow my mother and I are going to go into town to hit up the local farmer's market.

My mom and dad today told me that my grandma really liked reading this site here, seeing my pictures and looking at them, reading what I wrote about my life.  I've heard it before, but it's... different to hear it now. I am still working, in tearful fits and starts, on a piece of writing about my lovely, tiny, laughing loving humble joyful cheerful grandma. I can't keep my mind on it too long, yet. I need time. I don't know how my aunt Debbie could write the beautiful eulogy she gave at the funeral: I can barely focus long enough for one line without being unable to continue. But Debbie's gift is words, and I am so happy she gave the eulogy... it was perfect, absolutely perfect.

I miss my grandma. I know I said that before. I think it's going to be a fixture in my thoughts for a long while.

My grandmother had a bunch of music boxes sitting around the living room, on tables. I wound up one today and let it play when I was alone in the living room.

You are my sunshine,
my only sunshine:
you make me happy
when skies are gray...
You'll never know, dear
how much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away.


  1. I am so sorry to hear about such tragedy for the Van Hoorns. You are all in my prayers.

  2. So sad, but your grandmother was most definitely loved and honored, and had a life that touched many people. Thoughts are with you during this difficult time.


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