Thursday, June 10, 2010


So, eleven boxes later, I have managed to pack up about 97% of our books. Now, the boxes aren't big, mind you. But we still have a lot of books. The upside to this is that the huge boxes we packed our books in last year are freed up for other things.

The down side is that now that I have packed them up, it has suddenly occurred to me that I might want to read those books. Like, right this second. I left a few out, though, so that I still have something to occupy my mind with.

The one working bookshelf looks a little sad there, all empty except for sunscreen and bugspray and paint palettes.

It's hot, too. I've got two fans going and I'm drinking a steady supply of ice water, so mostly I'm doin' just fine right now.

I haven't really gotten any decent pictures in the last couple of days, which is why I haven't been updating. I feel like these updates are easier to swallow if I bury y'all in pictures while I ramble.

My biggest accomplishment today so far has been making Berry Mint Tea. I used two blueberry tea bags, two raspberry tea bags, 2 peppermint tea bags, and a handful of mint leaves. I brought water to a boil, added sugar and mint leaves, and cooked until I could smell the mint, stirring constantly. Then I turned the heat off, added the tea bags, and allowed it to sit and cool. Pour your 'concentrated tea', so to speak, into a pitcher, fill pitcher with water, allow to cool.


We had leftover mint leaves from last night's mint julep experiment (which I am excited to say, was a smashing success. Or at least a minty success). Now I am going to drink coffee for the first time today, since I just realized I never made any. It was too hot!

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