Thursday, June 17, 2010

Maybe she's born with it

What I think about when it is storming hard and Jason is gone and the cat is hiding under the bed:

When the sun comes back, they're going to grow so fast...

Okay, okay. So what I really think is "I HATE STORMS I HATE STORMS stupid thunder lightning is awful I wonder if I can fit under the bed with the cat will Jason laugh at me if he comes home and I am covered in dust? Do I care?" and the bit about the fields comes later when they're all gone and the sun peeks back out at me again.

But isn't the picture and its little caption a lot more poetic than that?

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  1. LOL! For sure the caption is better than the other. I would like to see a pic of you and the cat under the bed. :-D
    We haven't had many storms this year. It's very dry. They normally don't bother me too much unless I am driving in it.

    I'll help you with a song..

    Rain, rain go away. Come again another day. :-)


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