Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lazy Sunday

The desktop thing I keep up tells me it is 93 degrees Farenheit outside, and feels about 101. There is, however, a breeze, which automatically makes this easier to deal with than yesterday. Also, Jason is here all day, which makes this 1,000 times better.

So, being reasonable individuals, we go for a walk... in the heat of the day. At 2:15 PM.

Oh, we are just a-drownin' in common sense in this house, aren't we?

I can't get over Illinois wildflowers and weeds. They're just so pretty. I wish I had been paying attention earlier.

I know this picture looks weird, I was playing with saturation and contrast stuff for fun and accidentally saved over the original. But I like this picture anyway, so nyah.

When we were coming back past the bridge, Jason whispered really quick to stop and look over behind some trees by the creek. I looked up and was eventually able to see a deer watching us!

We've never seen them in the middle of the day before. I'm guessing the rest are all asleep in the shade and this one was keeping watch.

And, of course, the cat.


  1. Lovely photos-great shot of the deer! The landscape looks similar to upstate NY where I live. Lots of wildflowers this time of year.

  2. The angle you have taken the shot of the wildflowers really shows them off. They are very pretty...


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