Friday, June 18, 2010

Just barely

She didn't see us. She's actually looking towards the sound of a car going past off to the right of us.

She let her guard down more than I've seen any of them do so far.

We were very carefully hidden behind some bushes.

Still, all these moments must come to an end...

In other news, I put the anti-flea stuff back on the cat's neck. She hasn't shown too much sign of having fleas, but since we let her outside under our supervision occasionally, it's best to keep it on her just in case. She is now very angry at me for the indignity of it all and is stalking around the house twitching her tail and occasionally sort of flopping down on things loudly, as if trying to make sure I know she's not happy about it.

Believe me, dear kitty. I know.

You make it abundantly clear.


  1. How cool you got that close and could observe for a little bit. Very nice.

    Poor kitty, it can't reach to lick that crud off. Worth her wrath not to have fleas though.

  2. LOL oh yeah, that is one peeved off puss.

  3. She doesn't like it when I take pictures of her, either, Missy, AND the landlord mowed yesterday and she hates the sound of the lawnmower. So it was just a bad day for her all around. She's better, now, though.


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