Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jason and I slept in a little this morning, until 9-ish. He doesn't work until 4 PM, so we had some free time to ourselves today, and he got paid today, which meant we had a little extra cash and could go out to eat for breakfast and get some groceries. Hit up Longbranch, my second-favorite place to get breakfast food in Carbondale (my favorite being Mississippi Flyway right now: the different is that at Longbranch you get vegetarian food (eggs and cheese still included) and at MF you get good ol' meaty stuff).

Then off to get groceries, then off on a walk, and now Jason is napping before work while I try to plan out my evening and what I need to get done with it. It's blessedly ten degrees cooler today than it was yesterday. I can tell the difference between 90 degrees and 101, let me tell you.

I really, really can.

Our pepper plants are blooming! Finally! Perhaps we'll start getting tiny bell peppers... y'know, right before we move. But we're takin' the bell pepper planter with us, so maybe it will survive the journey intact. The cilantro and basil, however, will not be making the journey. This makes me sad.

On our walk today, we noticed that with all the speedy growing the corn in the field down the road has been doing, we're seeing some serious tassel action going on here.

"Knee-high by the fourth of July", huh? This stuff is way over my head by now.

If you look at the mud, you can see the raccoon tracks down by the creek. Our clever little boy's been out there every day lately, I see new tracks all the time. I hope he doesn't run out in the road at the wrong moment or anything... I've seen a lot of animals, snakes, turtles, and frogs run over this year.

We saw turkeys in the grass, but they must have had their babies with them, because they were being very skittish. Oh well. No turkling pictures.

You can put up a fence-post, but the wild things will take it as their own eventually.

I think I have mosquito bites on my back. That's... that's not really a romantic part of the existence of wildlife, is it?

Another view of the creek, the other side of the bridge. I really love this creek... I'm sad to see how down it is, since we haven't had any rain in a while. Oh well.

To end today's update, one more close-up  vine picture. I love this stuff...

That's... that's all I've got.

I am debating going up to McLean to see my family Sunday or Monday instead of Wednesday like I'd originally planned. I can't decide if I would just be in the way of all the moving-around stuff that will be going on at the time.


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  1. Great pics! Sounds like a relaxing day. 10 degrees makes a huge difference. :-)


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