Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy

It's been really pretty today. Sunny, but not nearly so hot as it was the last couple of weeks, with a nice breeze that keeps air moving. Jason and I actually went for two walks, so I am very happy with my walkin' percentages, as it were. And the cat is sleepy. So everyone is good!

These berries were on a tree. The Animal Control man for Jackson County, who drove by while on the lookout for a dog that had broken loose, stopped to tell us this particular tree we were taking pictures of was a type of dogwood tree, one that they plan ta lot to help with the reclamation of wildlife areas.


This tree had a big piece cut out of it, which it obviously had not really survived very well. Jason informed me that woodworkers will cut big, interesting burly areas out of trees to work with. The woodworkers probably assumed the tree would live. Sadly, it appears to not be the case.

Dragonfly! They're everywhere, they fly around us constantly on our walks. It's a little magical, except for all the annoying bits where I keep almost walking into them.

You can thank Jason's awesome vision for this, because I didn't see it until he pointed it out to me... it's a tadpole! Look, he's got little legs but he's still got his tail. This is... this is cute, that's what this is.

So here! Thank him!

More seedy wild grass... it's getting these neat red stripe-y bits all over it. I wish I knew more technical terms about nature... I'm sure "stripe-y bits" isn't helping anyone.

Wild garlic, fully bloomed. It's so pretty, close up.

And last... a moth on a tree branch! I am really proud of this one, I got amazingly close to get this shot. Yay Katie!

That's all. I don't have much about my day, overall... it wasn't a day wherein much happened or was accomplished. But at least I had a great day with my husband on his day off, so, I am calling this a success.

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  1. Wonderful photos. I felt as if I were accompanying you on your walk, and you made me aware of all these interesting things.


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