Monday, June 7, 2010


Back in Carbondale, safely. Hoping for a less exciting life for the next couple of weeks... I have a lot of packing to get started on in order to feel okay with going to my parents' house for a week during 4th of July holidays.

The cat is so thrilled to see us. We let her outside while we ate dinner out there tonight: avocados and these interesting spicy chips we got from Arnold's Market. I have frozen elk burger thawing in the fridge... we are havin' elk burger patties tomorrow! Because come on! Elk!

So hopefully things will settle back in to normal. I am having trouble with tenses: I keep telling Jason stories about my grandma in which I forget that I should be using past tense, that she was this or liked that. It's a hard adjustment. It brings up this strange aching well inside of me that would very much like to invent time travel. I could fix everything then. I am a little afraid to deal with that ache just yet.

So I keep conversation, carefully, light. We discussed Soylent Green and sesame pretzels during dinner, kept ourselves mostly to comments on saving the world or writing stories during the drive. Now we are home and I have gone quiet as I go through my newest batch of photos, from our trip to South Carolina and our walk tonight. Unfortunately, the only photos from the trip are of the flowers at the various rest stops: I had planned to take photos while visiting, but never quite got around to even trying before I got the call.

So I suppose you must all wait until we get there for good, until the photos are of move-in day, my discoveries in town that first week, the first family dinner in which Jason and I are residents nearby. I look forward to all of these things, though I also worry about moving so far away from my side of the family and the anxiety of not being able to make a quick trip if need be.

I have a lot to get done this week: bills to pay, phone calls to make to the cable and electricity companies about when our service will end, jobs to apply to, and of course the packing. The plan is to throw myself into the back bedroom tomorrow, get some boxes filled and closed up and labeled. Planning to pack some of the books as well. I think we're close enough to the deadline that I can safely pack at least some of them.

Still. I have some photos for you today... Jason and I took a walk when we got home, to stretch our legs, and I always have my camera on me.

I'll start with the rest stops on our way TO South Carolina and back... it's vaguely chronological... mostly...

Daisies! This is really picture-heavy, so click "Read More" below to see the rest!

Another white flower.

Leaf to the aforementioned flower. It had rained... I was trying to take pictures of the water droplets on things.

Purple flowers! I actually didn't have to mess with the saturation much, by this time it had gotten really bright and sunny... also incredibly humid.

At one rest stop in Tennessee, we saw and old cemetery in the very back of the lot and went to check it out. Well, actually, we ate snacks and then Jason took a nap while I wandered around taking pictures until he was done.

The cemetery was tiny and one of the markers looked like this, so I went to check it out. It actually explains why the cemetery is there: the area for the rest stop used to belong to a family who were pioneers here and used to own this land. One sad thing I saw was a lot of baby and child gravestones for how few graves were actually there.

A water pump near the cemetery that was leaking, slow and steady, and had created its own little pond.

That's it for the rest stops... now for today's walk!

So we saw this tree which smelled absolutely amazing and went over to check out those flowers close up.

Look at that color!


Wild grass gone to seed. This looks a lot prettier in this photograph than it actually does... but wild grass is actually pretty cool when you get close-up.

Some flowers hanging off of vines on trees, posts, and even along the ground. They had these gorgeous flowers on them that were, unfortunately, absolutely coated in ants. I call them "Ant Paradise".

I was still able to get a couple of pictures where the ants weren't front and center, at least.

Across from a mostly perfect cornfield is this meadow, a field left wild. It has had some interesting colors and wildlife going on.

The cornfield across the street from the meadow.

Black-eyed Susans! There are a bunch of them now lookin' pretty all down the road by the field.

They all popped up in the week I was gone, too... they sure weren't there when Jason and I took our walk May 29th.

The tiniest wildflowers I have ever seen. The whole thing is the size of my pinkie-nail... and each bud has about thirty tiny little flowers blooming on it. It was really hard to get a picture of these that was in focus.

I gave it my best shot, though.

For the curious, this is Wild Garlic. I've taken a few photos of it before that got put up here, but I only recently figured out what it is. This is what it looks like as it's going to seed. I'm pretty sure that's awesome.

Cornstalks. They've jumped about a foot or two in only a little over a week, I tell you.

And to end our night...

A close-up shot of one of the cornstalks from the previous photo. I love the way cornstalks look close up like this, especially when they're still richly green and not dried out.

With that, I must adjourn. It is hot here in the House of No Central Air. We're trying not to use the air conditioning at all, since our two last power bills were 30$ and 38$ respectively (for context, our winter power bills are around 160$ per month). I'm okay until I think about it. Or until I visit my parents for a week when they're running their central air, heh.

So now I must away to make to-do lists for the next couple of weeks and, hopefully, to get some writing done.


  1. Beautiful pics! I miss our grandma, too.

    Glad you made it home safely! Can't wait to see you in a month!

    Love you!

  2. Great pictures...use your new fan! That's why Grandma bought it for you!

    Get your packing done so you can come without feeling guilty...

    See you soon!

  3. Here is to letting the packing be stress free and cathartic.


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