Thursday, May 6, 2010

Well, that's the end of that.

One of our bookshelves has finally become completely useless except for its top and the first shelf. The other shelves won't stay up: this is a bookshelf that's been around for a while, mind you, and even bookshelves only have so long of a life expectancy.

So there is a pile of the books that used to be on the lower shelves sitting in the corner and I'm a little awed at just how many there are. Yesterday, we hit up the used bookstore with all the books I had decided to give away, landing me 73 dollars in credit with the Bookworm, which would have me rolling in used books, bathing in them, except that Bookworm's credit system is that the buyer pays half of the cost of the books they buy, and the other half comes out of credit. So we'll be holding off on that. Wild horses couldn't make me spend that kind of money right now.

Yesterday was both a good day and a bad one: I woke up at 3 AM, for no good reason, and was absolutely wide awake. I managed to doze off around 4 AM, but woke up enough to check my phone for what time it is every twenty minutes until 6. At 6 AM, I gave up and got up and started wandering around the house trying to figure out what to do 'til Jason got up (yesterday was a day off for him). Eventually, we went for a morning walk just to have something to do while we waited for the used bookstore to open so we could take the books there.

We saw this little guy being very brave. He watched us, head up like that, almost the entire time we walked past him without flinching. He only ran off when a car came by.

And a flower blooming on a tree. I like all the flowers that are showing up right now... One of the few things I will miss about Southern Illinois once we're gone is the spring here. It's a little colder than in the south, but warmer than Central Illinois and definitely very colorful!

Deer! As surprised to see us as we were to see them.

The bad part, as is the running theme in our lives since roughly 2004, is SIU. Yesterday we went to talk to Jason's adviser, as he still needs one credit of "A" grade to graduate. Yes, you heard me. One. And what we found out today is that the school is frankly determined to squeeze full tuition and fees out of us for that one credit. For the two classes he's taking this spring we paid more than twice in fees what we paid in tuition. So we're looking into just how awful that last credit is going to be, cost-wise. We had gone in to see if he couldn't pick up a local free internship for a single credit (since the internship offers it as 'college credit') but the adviser said that no, SIUC would not take that.

So we came back to the house and were grumpy at each other for a while. Then I took a nap. All in all, a most exciting day.

Although not really.

Have I mentioned how much I want it to be August now so I can be living somewhere else? In another state? Hopefully in better financial straits? That would be cool, if we could just skip the next three months or so and wake up in an apartment in Greenville.

Well, there you go. Started writing when I woke up and now I've written long enough that I'm starting to be hungry. I suppose it's off to breakfast for me... once I update The Giant's Eye . I'll do that first.

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