Saturday, May 1, 2010

Well, I -was- going to call it an early night and go to bed...

but, of course, the moment I do that the thunder starts to roll. Second night of thunderstorms in a row. Of course, this means nothing but sunshine and roses for yours truly. Except in that it means the opposite of those things.

I'm not sure what the opposite of a rose is, exactly, but tonight is definitely that.

I managed, at least, to get a bunch done today. I bought groceries (and did really well on budget!), made an awesome late lunch/early dinner for the two of us, we did laundry, we cleaned the bedroom. So... that was successful. And did it all before the thunder rolled back in!

Jason is currently busy playing a video game, while taking breaks to be lovely and comforting to both me and the cat. The fact that we both have issues with thunder is just icing on the neurotic cake of living with us, I suppose.

It definitely rained like crazy last night: we're flooded here, and we're going to be even worse by morning, judging by the two nasty bouts of rain we've already had. I foresee a lot of standing water in my future, and having to take the long way into town because our favorite road will be flooded out.

Speaking of...

I tried to find a picture of this road when it is not flooded, and couldn't find a good one, so you'll have to take my word it: the creek was running incredibly high above its banks and flooding every which way.

Usually, the water is four or five feet lower than where the road is, but there's a lot of easily flooded kind of marshy ground around here and this road is the first thing to go. If you look towards the back, you can see the police car helpfully blocking off the road.

The mail truck, however, was made for just such an occasion as this!

Take that, muddy water.

The lower parts of the trees were actually being swept through the muddy water and debris floating away. When I stood still to take this picture, I heard a rustling sound and looked to my left to see a frog take a flying leap into the water to safety, and a small, gray-colored snake do the same. I'm... not entirely sure it was in the snake's best interest to slither quickly into a fast-moving flooded creek? I hope that worked out for him.

These weedy flowers are determined to live, darn it! So is the tiny bug on them. I didn't notice that at first. There was another little river frog that was startled by my presence this time, too. Actually, there were a lot of little river frogs out enjoying the day.

Normally, these trees are quite a ways away from the creek's bank. I'm talking two or three body-lengths. I'm trying to decide how flooded the road is going to be tomorrow. Well, if there's any decent-ish weather at all, Jason and I will definitely walk down to see for ourselves.

Now I shall return to trying in vain to detach the cat from my side for the rest of the night, until the thunder lets up. So far she has decided I am her One True Hope against the dangerous fight of the Thunder Gods outside. I'll let you all know how that goes.

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