Friday, May 21, 2010

Well... I tried?

With Mom and Dad coming to see me tomorrow, it occurred to me that my house should probably make a valiant attempt at looking livable before they get here? So I cleaned the kitchen and the living room, and both certainly look better than they did when I got up this morning. So that's progress, I suppose.

More rain today, although not too much. Enough humidity to cut the air with a knife, though. At least tomorrow will be bright, shiny, and sunny? It's my friend Alana's birthday! She, Jason and I are going to hit up the Farmer's Market together tomorrow, since she doesn't work all day and Jason doesn't work 'til 2, then I think she and I were considering hitting up the art and wine festival. At some point in the evening Mom and Dad will come into town. They are staying the night! Yay!

A friend of mine stopped by today and we ended up sitting around talking for like half an hour. I think he was a little... daunted by my enthusiastic attempts to try and give him some of our stuff. Ah, well.

I ended up digging out some sketches that I had forgotten about, but not finished, so yay! I can pick them up again.

Speaking of sketches, there is a new update at The Giant's Eye. All sketches today, nothing finalized. This week has been very... sketchy. That actually sounds bad when I word it that way.

I have some photos, although they're not from today... today was mostly gloomy.

Okay, this one is from today. Tell me that's not ominous!

It's a baby... something! I don't actually know. It looks like the poor dear fell out of its nest. We've seen it for four days running, so it must be surviving on something, and it doesn't seem injured, so I think it'll be fine.

Isn't it neat, the things you see when you're just looking for something to take a picture of? I don't know. I don't really notice these things, usually, but lately I have been.

Flowers! In the shape of a heart.

This is just wild grass that's gone to seed. But isn't it so pretty like that? Thought I should get a few pictures before the farmer finishes up his plowing.

This one is also from today. This is the cat... studying my husband's textbook. She laid there for about ten minutes and would not move at all. Clearly, she had some reading to do!

That's it for me. I am surprisingly sleepy. I suppose awkward fits-and-starts cleaning will wear you out!

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