Thursday, May 27, 2010

The sky was very angry today

We got one heck of a thunderstorm. I'm talkin' constant thunder and lightning with no letup for over an hour, pea- and dime-sized hail, the works. The clouds were never too roily and dark, though, and so the whole atmosphere stayed very light and I could, y'know, have a great view into the approaching storm. Because that's something I look forward to all the time.

That was sarcasm, for those who don't know all that well. I have a pretty legendary aversion to storms, although that is one phobia I can definitely say I am getting over, albeit slowly. I can prove it, too! I took pictures of this one while it was happening. That says something about me, right?

Please tell me it's something good.

The first half of the day was actually really sunny and beautiful. We picked up Alana to go get her car from the dealership (she had a recall she had to get taken care of). Outside of Alana's apartment complex, there were a couple of really pretty things: a flowering tree and well, a bunch of actual straight-forward flowers on the ground.

Just starting to bud open. Most of the actual open-flower shots I got were sort of coated in crawly bugs, though. Those bugs like the flowers, too. I don't even know how the ants got up there.

Sheer determination, I guess. And the fact that they don't have brains enough to even be aware of heights in any real sense.

Flower! Look at that pretty purple color. I like purple. Also I have absolutely no problem with looking like an absolute freak by leaning over to take photos of flowers in peoples' apartment complexes. At least three people were staring at me as they walked past.

Don't mind me, citizens. I'm taking pictures for the internet.

Something tells me that's not entirely comforting to hear.

Hmmn, that looks like a storm a-blowin' in.

Hurry, let's open all the doors and windows! No, we really did open them all. Look, this house is stifling in the heat. Opening all the doors and windows meant feeling cool air on my skin for the first time in days that wasn't felt while walking around Wal-Mart. I am willing to make these sacrifices. Even with the hail.

Which was melting so fast I couldn't get more than one picture of it. But here it is! You can see it in the slats of the chair.


I took some photos of the cat being a scaredy-cat and hiding under the bed, under my chair, behind me, anywhere she felt was safer than where the Thunder Birds would see her, but I decided against putting those up here. Honestly, I wouldn't want people to take pictures of me while I'm cowering from the storms around me. Although I'm pretty sure people already have. Several times.

I'm lookin' at you, my relatives.

After the storm, we went out to see if I could get any pretty pictures. This is one of my favorite places to stand and just look out across fields. I love these tree stumps and trees here.

We saw our friends the deer. I have now counted five does and one buck, mostly sticking in a loose group together. Usually two or three are on one side of the road and the rest are on the other, but they stay within communicating distance.

An interesting discovery was that the turkey and the deer were wandering around together. We saw two tom turkeys and at least three female turkeybirds. I was very excited by this momentous knowledge.

Please excuse the quality of the photo. The light quality was occasionally really messing with me. Look at him! His other tom turkey friend was right by him, but I couldn't get a halfway decent photo of both of them. The female turkeys mostly stuck with the deer, but the toms were right out next to the road.

Another bad photo, but three more deer on this side. They were a little startled by our car.

Since I gave you two bad photos, I will end with one I actually like:

Yay, a stump.

And now away to bed. I updated twice in less than twenty-four hours. I'm sure that's an omen of some kind, though I can't decide if it's good or bad.

Ugh. I am not tired at all, but we have so much to do tomorrow before Jason goes to work at 3 PM.

Okay, I lied. That wasn't the last photo.

This is. It is also a stump.

Good night.

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  1. I like your pictures, as always. Especially the one with two deer in a green field.


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