Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Salsa Verde Soup & Cloud Man

Well, we'll go ahead and start with cloud man. It's been unrelentingly hot for days here. This morning has been going better, but it's still 83 degrees before 11 AM, which doesn't bode well for the hottest time of the day around 2 or 3. I've been watching our temperature climb up slowly every day, wincing when I realize it's just not going to stop.

This insane heat and sort of stifling calmness means that we've had thunderheads in the sky constantly. They pop up, there's some lightning and thunder, they disappear. Since we already got a little too much rain in the spring, I'm not going to complain: if the farmers get the sunny days they need, I won't begrudge them that. I just wish their sunny days didn't have 95 degree temperatures in May.

Monday Jason and I went to Barnes & Noble, and when we left I realize another thunderhead had popped up, this time it was actually heading for Carbondale and it looked like we'd get a little rain. Looking around at the clouds, though, I realized they were those wonderful shape-clouds, cumulus clouds, the kind that children point to and tell you is a lion or a goose or a dinosaur.

Well, I am nothing if not full of childlike wonder, I guess. Because I was looking for shapes, too.

Look! It is a man in the clouds! You can see his face in profile.

A close-up which hopefully proves that I am not crazy.

So other than moping around being complain-y about it being too hot, I cooked soup on Monday which is delicious. And I am going to share this deliciousness with you. Unfortunately, I didn't keep track of what I did to create it? But it is a soup made with ground turkey, a jar of salsa verde (green salsa, with tomatillos), a lot of cumin, lime juice, bell peppers and other vegetables, chicken broth, and cilantro. We chopped up an avocado to eat with it, which took the place of sour cream for adding creaminess and was delicious.

Salsa Verde Soup

Tell me that doesn't look good, huh?

Actually, don't tell me that. Because I won't believe you.

Mmmmn... avocado.

Oh! We are making a flying trip to South Carolina on Sunday for my sister-in-law's graduation from high school! So we will get to see that side of the family, which I am definitely excited about. We are hoping to get over to the apartment place to talk to them about it, too. I suppose I should start trying to find my nice clothes.


  1. Sunday?! No....Saturday (see facebook invite)

  2. Unless you're plannin' to pay my husband to not go to work, it can't be done! But I really wish we could :)


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