Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Monday, in pictures

It was a pretty sunny day, to start out.

Seriously, just gorgeous.

I saw a moving speck on a piece of wood and leaned in for a closer look...

Butterfly! He wouldn't keep his wings open long enough for me to get a good picture of them, but they were very blue.

We saw a shadow in a meadow that didn't belong there. "What's that?" Jason asked, since we couldn't see clearly enough and I have a wonderful zoom function on my camera.

A wild turkey and his lady friend were dancing around in the grass! These are no Thanksgiving-dinner kinds of turkeys, let me tell you. These things are mean. But even mean turkeys fall in love, right?

Look at how big he is.

Or at least try to get their lady-friends to pay attention to them. She didn't seem all that impressed.

Everyone, we would like you to meet Jeremiah, the single largest bullfrog I have ever seen in my entire life. He is clearly the King of All Froglike Creatures.

Of course, things couldn't stay so pretty all day. During the afternoon, we got a pile of thunder and lightning, just enough rain to be annoying, and some weird wind things going on. As Jason was leaving to go to class, and I was leaving to go see some friends of mine, we discovered that the end of the rainbow was in our front yard.

There it is! Now get diggin'.

Storm cloud rollin' on out. The slightly lower portion of the cloud you are looking at was a bona fide funnel cloud on my way to Casey and Alana's house, but gradually spread out and became no big deal as we stood there watching it. I didn't get any pictures of it when it was smaller, but it was definitely moving in a vaguely circular fashion.

Of course, that wasn't the only storm for the evening. We went for an evening walk with Alana and Bree and noticed about halfway through that some more storms appeared to be headed our way. So I got a couple of pictures. You know, like you do.

 and then we walked very quickly back to our house.

The end. Er, mostly. The end of the pictures, anyway.


  1. You surely live in a beautiful place! I live in a concrete jungle. =$ But I dream of living in the conutryside one day. I have to stand it here until I can think of a different job to do. =P

    Kiss you!

  2. Belo Horizonte looks so pretty, though! I've never lived in a city :) Always in a small town or now in the countryside.


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