Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mmmn... water.

So. I would like to start today off with an announcement.

My poem 'Resurrection' (which was originally posted here in March), along with a photograph I took, is being featured on the community blog At Art Words! It's a pretty cool site, essentially a community blog where people send in submissions of art, poetry, photos, that sort of thing and they can get posted on the site. Well, 'Resurrection' is up there!

Link to the poem is here, but the whole community is really interesting and has lots of pretty cool stuff posted, so I think it's worth a scroll down to see what people are doing!

Yesterday was mostly cloudy all day.

Cloudy and windy.

Jason actually forgot his lunch. This time, instead of eating it and then feeling bad when he called to see if I could bring it in (yes I actually did that), I took it out to him. Then, I hit up the used bookstore, Bookworm.

Still cloudy.

I picked up a reference book on Illinois wildlife that I'd been looking around for, as well as two fiction books (People of the Wolf! Yeah! Finally! and It Sleeps in Me) and a book called When Elephants Weep that deals with emotion in animals and the false way humans assume animals don't feel pain, sadness, or other emotions we've decided are 'human' ones.

Then I went home and read It Sleeps in Me all the way through. That is... that is a weird book.

When Jason came back from work, we ate crockpot chicken and beans! I seriously just threw half an onion, some garlic, a can of black beans, can of corn, can of green chiles and the rest of the garlic and lime salsa into the crockpot for four hours with two pieces of chicken. And it was delicious.

We decided to drive into town to take a walk with the understanding that if we walked far enough, I would dig out a little cash I have and we would have tea and cookies from the Co-Op. So we walked.

And saw a bunny! This rabbit let us get so close, I think she must have had a nest nearby or something and she was trying to decide if it was worth it to stay close to her babies or if she should run. There was a huge bunch of bushes right near here, so I'm guessing there's a nest.

When we got back, there were deer really close to the side of the road!

The other one ran off into the woods where we couldn't see her, but this doe just froze in place where I could get some pretty good photos.

Deer are neat.

That's pretty much all I've got for you. Plans today: Jason needs to study and go take a test, I need to drink more water, and both of us need to have some time to just relax. Also I'm going to take leftover crockpot stuff and make it into soup using the rest of our chicken broth. Wish me luck.

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  1. Good luck! That book about the elephant tears sounds interesting. I am a firm believer we don't give animals enough credit for either their intelligence or their ability to feel.

    ps. I did as you suggested :)


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