Monday, May 10, 2010

Lazy day, lazy morning, gray day rainy morning

Well, yesterday ended up being kind of a slow day. We went up to the park, where we saw a bunch of nasty political graffiti in the big picnic-y spot near the kids' playground area, called the cops to report it, then went for a walk with Alana... and half-price frappucinos (coffee ice drink from Starbucks)! Thanks to the remnants of a gift card Mom gave me, I paid exactly seven cents for my frappe.

Where we saw a red-tailed hawk! On campus, lurking about on the edge of a roof.

There were some birds who either wanted whatever it was he had or just wanted him gone. Occasionally they would get brave and swoop it to try and chase him off.

He was having none of that, and would just adjust his position and his grip on the roof and go back to glaring at them.

He'd fluff himself up a bit. We left the little birds still in the process of trying to make him budge and our hawk friend in the process of watching them try.


I discovered we have tiny wild strawberries in our yard!

This berry is roughly the size of the nail on my pinkie finger.

Look at how very... very small they are.

In other news, my first official commission changed hands yesterday, I am proud to say, so you can head on over to The Giant's Eye and see a... slightly perspective-challenged... picture of the painting I did! I couldn't get a picture that wasn't a little weird. This is a recurring problem in my life, but I am working on fixing it!

This morning, we went out to eat for breakfast at Longbranch Coffeehouse and oh man, biscuits and gravy was basically something I have been wanting for weeks now and I had it and it was wonderful and life is good.

I bought some supplies (sketchbooks, an egg timer, pencils) for a project I am going to be working on that I may be unveiling next week in a real fashion. And we came back and had a nap. It was the best nap of all time, let me tell you that.

My plans for the rest of the day involve a possible walk and drawing, and enjoying the company of my husband.

I like Mondays.

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