Sunday, May 2, 2010

I like turtles.

I can deal well enough with the reality of thunderstorms, I suppose, if I focus hard enough on the incredibly active wildlife that pops up immediately after the rains stop.

There were two birds near the street who had a nest in a nearby tree. I know this because the two of them were working overtime to try and lure Jason and I in a specific direction, presumably away from their babies.

 I have a bunch of pictures in here, but I know some people have issues with insect-looking things, so I am putting the rest of the pictures under the cut, since there is a photo of a mudcrab under here... for anyone who has heard me talk about the mudcrab holes and is curious as to what they look like/what exactly they are.

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Mudcrabs are basically backcountry lobsters. Obviously, you don't eat them, since they would just take like dirt and minerals. They come out at night to build themselves big mud-castle things they live in, and with the rain being so bad last night they must've stayed out a little past the safe time. There was a huge flock of blackbirds just tearing into them and pulling them out of their little holes when we walked by. This is the first one I've been able to get close to.

So there you go! I like the color scheme on this bad boy.

We also saw a turtle who was dearly wishing we would leave him alone. Tell me that is not one super-colorful turtle.

With RED EYES. I love this guy. I would bring him home, except that the cat would be jealous... and also it's a turtle. They're not exactly famous for being affectionate pets. And I don't really like turtles. But OTHER THAN THAT, I would have taken him home.

Plans for lunch: green beans! I love green beans. Some people think of fried chicken as comfort food? I think of cooked peas or green beans (or my mother's chili, which actually tops that list) as comfort food.

Oh man. I wasn't hungry until I typed out the words 'green beans'. Now I am completely and entirely hungry.



  1. I have never heard of mud crabs. They are icky looking! The turtle is very interesting. I just think turtles are green, ya know?

  2. I actually looked it up when we got home and our turtle friend is an Eastern Box Turtle... which apparently Jason already knew, since he pays attention to the Reptile House at the zoo. But I don't. :)

    I'm thinking mudcrabs must be a more-towards-the-south thing, because I only started seeing their houses when we moved out here into the country area, but Jason already knew about them and they have them in SC. So this must be the start of the right kind of climate for them!

  3. I'd never heard of mudcrabs either, but found this bit of info on wikipedia pretty interesting:

    "These crabs are highly cannibalistic in nature and when another crab undergoes moulting the hard shelled ones attack the moulting crabs and devour them. The females can give birth to 1 million offspring which can grow up to 3.5 kg in size and have a shell width of up to 24 cm wide."

    *picturing a mudcrab invasion!*

  4. Eep! That's actually kind of horrible. Ew. Although it does explain how they -take over- so fast in the fields.


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