Monday, May 24, 2010

"Boo" Rochman Memorial Park

This is going to be hideously photo heavy, people.

Saturday night my parents came into town, and they left Sunday afternoon. Saturday night we went out to eat with my friend Alana (pictured bein' all pretty at the Art & Wine festival in the previous entry) while Jason was at work. Sunday morning we went to the park I'm about to talk about, and actually hit up Barnes & Noble, where I found a book I remember and adore from childhood.

The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses by Paul Goble is a picture book that they had in the library at my elementary school. My name probably made up a full quarter of all the names ever written in the check-out slip. I loved this book. The art style is gorgeous. He's written several books I love, but the Girl who Loved Wild Horses is, as always, my favorite. And now I have it! I have it in my house. I can look at it anytime I want. This is definitely something to celebrate.

Sunday morning we also visited Jeremy "Boo" Rochman Memorial Park, which is essentially an incredibly well-kept secret in Carbondale. I've been to see it three or four times, and only once actually gone in there before yesterday. But we took my parents and wandered around. It is, basically, entirely magical.

But first!

New bag I was talking about. This thing is huge! I love it. I can carry my sketchbook in there.

Look... I really like taking pictures of the cat.

And the cat's nose.

Okay! I'll stop now.

I was talking about a park, right?

Like I said, this is ridiculously photo-heavy, far beyond my usual photo-heaviness, so I am definitely making a cut here.

Click 'Read More' to see the pictures of the park!

The sign on the way in. I love the big ol' king at the bottom.

My husband referred to all the little things in the grass and leaves as 'random encounters'. Gamers will probably understand that.

Face in a tree!

Very close up.

A very different sort of face in a tree! With some metal birds.

Best shot I could get of the metal bird.

Dragon bench! Part 1...

Part 2...

Part 3!

Aw, so happy to see us.

A winged horse!

I love this bench thing. I don't even know what it is: I just love it. It seems so happy to be here.

Dudes in a tree!

Close up! Look at the detail on those faces.

Big castle in the middle of the park.

Another view of it. Kids can run around in this: it's amazing. There are all sorts of things to find inside.

Guarding the gate!

A relief in the wall.

Dragon on the wall!

The gate to go inside! Jason and I went around inside for a little bit.

Inside one of the rooms, looking up.


I forgot this shot of the gate until just now. Look at the knights!

A view of the other side.

A shot I got of Jason when he and I were inside the castle.


More wizards!

These wizards are fighting!

This wizard is made out of wood!

That bench I love, and the dragon near it.

Dragons on the roof!

Raise the flag!

A unicorn at the other end of the park from the Pegasus.

A dragon at the fountain.

Big dragon. I actually have most of this guy cropped out because there were people climbing all over him. But believe me... he is very big.

His eye.

The cairn. This is a large altar-style 'bench' on top of a hill, with images of a knight in the side. This is like an old-style cairn burial place.

Aaaaand a one-eared donkey. How else could we end this visit to the park?

And this is it.

Having my parents here was really fun, I enjoyed it. But it's one more way the coming-up move is getting sort of more and more real... craziness.

There you go!

The above pictures are my explanation for why I don't have anything to show you guys at The Giant's Eye this week. My Saturday and Sunday were spent running around in the sun with friends and family!

Okay. There is all there is. There isn't any more.


  1. That was an awesome park! You got really good pictures!

  2. That park is so cool! I didn't realize it was an actual park - I always thought it was a private property type thing, so never went in. Delainey would just LOVE it!

    Glad you had fun with Mom and Dad!


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