Saturday, May 22, 2010

Art & Wine Festival

My friend Alana turned 24 today! While waiting for my parents to get into town, we hit up the farmer's market with Jason this morning (he didn't go into work until 2 PM) and had birthday breakfast with Alana at Mississippi Flyway, who know how to do one heck of a good southern breakfast (delicious biscuits and gravy, nom nom nom).

After that, we just hung around our house 'til Jason went to work, then Alana and I hit up the Art & Wine Festival going on right now!

The birthday girl, in her pretty shirt. We are both coated in sunscreen, let me tell you.

Absolutely coated in sunscreen. I cannot even make it clear enough how much sunscreen she and I were wearing today. I cannot. There was rub-on sunscreen and spray sunscreen. Which is what happens when a fair-skinned Irish girl and a fair-skinned German/Dutch girl (for extra credit, guess which of us is which!) hit up a very, very sunny day.

We tasted wine! The wine was delicious. A local brewery was also showing beer... I splurged a little, even though I shouldn't, and got Jason some Big Muddy Saluki Dunkle Dog beer. That was really good stuff. Alana, who is not a beer drinker, tried their light beer and actually really liked it.

Mostly we tasted wine, though.

The police were there to keep everyone in order.

A great band was up on the stage playing some good country bluegrass type stuff to keep our toes a-tappin'.

Alana and I both gave in to terrible urges... we were seduced, I tell you! Seduced by Katherine Accettura and her willingness to haggle and her incredible patchwork things! Alana got a hoodie with a bunny on it for her birthday present to herself and I haggled a new purse/shopper's tote for myself. I am ashamed to say I haggle. I usually never haggle! But these two months are special circumstances, and... and it was beautiful! I will show you a picture of it later.

I know. I'm kind of a tease, telling you about it but not showing you just yet! Give me time! I am sleepy and water-deprived and I drank wine.

Look at that pretty centerpiece on the table. No, I did not test whether or not the grapes were real. I have a distinct feeling that if I did, that would be the one time in my life everyone in a given area was looking right at me... watching me spit out wax fruit (or, if they were real, watching me rudely eat the centerpiece!)

Lots of artists here sellin' their goods! I saw two people I had classes with when I was in college, two of my favorite class mates actually, Nelson and Ken. Nelson is a delightful older gentlemen who does oil paintings of his dog, Puppy Pepe, who I and everyone else who has ever seen the paintings adore. Ken is in his fifties and mostly does landscapes, but he does these beautiful oil landscapes that are quick but have this amazing quality of line...

I'm sorry. The art student in me was starting to break out, there. I'll try to damp her down a bit.

There were also people selling home-made scarves, rugs, printwork, ceramics, glasswork, paintings... there was a girl with these delightful tiny watercolor portraits that I loved. I am just not rich enough to drop money on everything I like! If I was, let me tell you... I would have a very large house to keep all my things in.

Alana and I both had a great time! Alana is a lot of fun.

And appropriately modest, clearly.

That's all for now. My parents should be coming into town to visit in the next half hour! I am looking forward to it! I haven't seen my parents in a couple of months and that is a very sad thing, let me tell you internet.

I am going to drink some more water and try to cool down. I'm not sure the sunscreen on my face lasted as long as I'd thought it would.


  1. Love your little photo essay...:)

  2. I love wine, and I love art - what a great combination! And sunscreen an absolute must these days (particularly if you are chugging - I mean - "tasting" wine!)

  3. That sounds like a great place to visit, I can relate to your feelings about your parents, make the most of them while you can.

  4. Wow! Glad to see you guys had SO much fun!! I am smiling ear to ear now, hearing about the fun you had at my booth! Thanks so both of you for taking home a couple of my items. Thank you Thank you!!
    I will be at the October 2 DAWF, and I really hope to see you guys there!
    I am super excited!
    You guys would probably love the Strange Folk Festival in O'Fallon, IL too. It is around Sept. 24-25. Hope to see yo then,


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