Thursday, May 20, 2010

Another entry with no pictures? Clearly, I am lettin' you down.

In my defense, it rained all day. I mean all day. I mean, people I spoke to were considering whether or not it would ever end. Not heavily raining, just... always raining. So I kept my warm self inside all day long. It's dry in here, and it has nice floors.

Our basil and cilantro I think are basically good for eating now? Although the basil probably could stand to grow a few more inches. Our little egg-flower died, which was quite sorrowful, but I guess he just didn't have it in him.

I'm making tea! I just finished reading one of my books (People of the Wolf, for those who read this post about my terrible taste in books). I had gotten most of the way to the end previously, so when I picked it up tonight, I was in it to the finish, really.

Jason has been playing Warhammer Online for much of the evening, and would occasionally speak to me. I am afraid I mostly grunted in response... there were lots of important things happening in the book! Power and conflict and betrayal and... yes, I know it's just a book.

Of course, eventually the book was done and I was ready to come out of my book-induced fugue state. I wake up from books like I do from a deep sleep: it's difficult to pull myself together, I'm cranky for a while, and my brain feels a little bit like it's stuffed full of cotton candy. Cotton candy and knowledge. And stories.

I like stories.

Books take me into my head, and once I'm in there, it can be a struggle to get out. I've been known to read the last three chapters of one book, get finished with it, and instantly pick up the next before that state of mind has time to start fading away.

It's really nice.

If I have children who dislike reading, I don't know what I'll do. My house is  shrine to books! This is their temple! Except when the bookshelf breaks and they're all stacked willy-nilly on the floor.

But soon there will be new bookshelves!

In other news... I've been sketching and working on a present for someone, but other than that mostly an unexciting day. I got some writing done yesterday? So that's something. Tomorrow, I have some stuff to organize and get done and then I am going to make a serious effort to try and talk myself into considering maybe thinking about cleaning the kitchen. Possibly.

I am sleepy. I simultaneously want it to be August and want it to not be August. I will miss my family: I miss them already! Four hours is a lot less than twelve, though.

I don't know. I yawn at all of you! And toddle off to do more reading.


  1. You crack me up! I love reading your blog. You write just the way you talk!

    On another note, looks like we'll be heading your way after Dana's graduation Saturday. Your dad can't get in the field, so he's coming too. Are you planning a slumber party or something or are we welcome??? j/k

  2. Oh, and my word to type was fingle...isn't that a good one?


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