Thursday, April 29, 2010

So, apparently these couple days of decent weather are headed out the door

We are being told to expect lots of rain, with thunderstorms all day Saturday. Ugh, I am not looking forward to that. my nerves can't take it!

I was a surprisingly productive domestic version of myself today. I managed to get all but one of the things on my list done, and a couple of things that weren't on the original list got added instead. I exercised, paid the rent, paid our gas bill (it seems like when the paycheck comes in, it goes out just as fast!), bought some of the more important groceries we were out of from Schnuck's, did the dishes, emptied the litterbox, took out the trash... And made a delicious veggie-heavy casserole for dinner. So... veggie experiment is going very well indeed! So far it hasn't really been hard at all to start sticking more vegetables into the meals we eat and a little less meat.

Tonight, I got restless. Jason... got sleepy. So he took a nap, and I read books so as not to pace around and keep him up. We ended up wandering over to Longbranch, wherein we sat in their little outside area watching the sun go down, while I ate what they serve for dessert in heaven.

Also known as a scone. Also a latte with Irish Cream syrup in it. These are things I know must be a part of heaven because otherwise, how could they be so freakishly delicious?

See? Almond creme scone and Irish Cream latte. The two different spellings of 'cream' is how you know it's a fantastic combination.

Jason had some of their incredible blueberry basil lemonade and a ginger scone, but I couldn't get a decent picture of that, so you must content yourselves with just thinking about how good that looked. Honestly, their scones are a little more like large cookies.

Our view of the town square from where we were sitting. It was a nice, mostly peaceful little time. It probably would have been crazier Friday or Saturday at this time, since all the kids start their bar-hoppin' early in this town.

Finally, at my husband's insistence, I would like to share with you yet more photos of my cat.

We have an elegant creature, let me tell you. She is all daintiness and well-placed footsteps... until, of course, it's very sunny outside and I open the front door. That patch of sunlight on the carpet is just too comfortable and lovely for our kitty to handle. Apparently, she can't even hold herself up.

She lets the bookshelf do that for her. Honestly, she looks really really comfortable here.

Of course I started snapping pictures.

She was less than pleased.

Doctor's appointment tomorrow, which I'm somewhat fretful about. I really don't like needles, and I am even less fond of having my blood taken. I hope it goes by very, very quickly.

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