Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ramblin' Around, Saturday Edition

Yesterday was definitely a weird day. I had to go to the doctor first thing in the morning (check-up/deal with some issues, no biggie) and have to go back on the 30th for some tests, so I was already in kind of a surreal place... and of course, left my phone on silent because I'm silly. So my mother had some health issues yesterday and of course I missed the calls meant to tell me about it and let me know what was going on, but eventually I noticed and did the call around thing. They kept her overnight, but it looks like she did fine on her stress-test thing and everything's back to normal. She should be going home this afternoon! Keep her continued health in your thoughts, though, cross your fingers, your toes, whatever it is you've got to cross. We would definitely appreciate it.

Being who I am, of course, I went and bothered Jason at work because it was a slow day for him and took him out to dinner at Moe's when he went on lunch break. That was really nice.

Jason works an early shift today, and I helped out a coworker by switching shifts with him so I'll be working a night shift. At least we get to see each other in passing on my way out the door and on his way in? Oh well. Regular hours would be kind of nice, but you take what you get, I guess.

I've been waking up really early the past few days, and today was no exception. The up side to it is that today is the Carbondale Farmer's Market. I missed the opening market and I missed last week out of sheer laziness, mostly, so I was determined to go this week. So I pulled on some basically-decent clothing and went over there!

I love the Farmer's Market because there's so many different things. Right now there's a big emphasis on plants and flowers. I saw seven different varieties of tomato plants being sold. If this were a place we were planning to stay permanently in, I'd probably be buying up garden plants like crazy, since that's one thing we'd really like to do, is have a vegetable garden.

In any case...

This is what I picked up at the market itself. From Shady Maple Bakery out of Bluford, Illinois I got Tomato-Basil Bread, some Seed Bread, and Rhubarb Loaf (YES rhubarb yay). The family that sells this bread every week ought to be sainted, this stuff is so good. Jason and I bought a pumpkin roll from them once that I think was gone in two days. I managed to keep myself from buying molasses cookies, but I can't promise anything for next week.

The two jars are from Leepy's Gourmet Foods who come in all the way from Jonesboro. Corn Relish (oh man, anyone who has not tried corn relish should make it their goal in life to do so eventually) and Strawberry-Rhubarb jam (did I mention I like rhubarb? Like, a lot?).

I also picked up a good-sized chunk of ground chuck from Lick Creek Beef. I think Jason will be pleasantly surprised!

Then to the veggie stand, to buy a whole lot of vegetables for a very small amount of money. Now I just have to decide what to DO with all the veggies I got today. There were a couple kinds of Bok Choy on sale for a dollar a bag, so I grabbed those and some shiitaki mushrooms, also a dollar a bag. I'll figure something out. Stir-fry, I guess? We have bell peppers too? Eh.

I'll throw stuff in a pot, add fire and seasonings, and eat whatever comes out of it, haha.

The problem with the Farmer's Market is that it is right next to the Murdale Shopping Center. Which contains Larry's House of Cakes. They're the same people who made the cupcakes for my birthday party. They sell cookies, doughnuts, cream horns, all kinds of things that are essentially irresistible to those of us with a sweet tooth. Well... it turns out I have one. I went in there and picked up my favorite scone, the white chocolate raspberry, and got a large coffee. Honestly, I'd been awake a whole two hours without having coffee, I was starting to really want some.

Thank you, tax return. Your presence in my account has allowed me to buy lots of delicious foods.

On an ending note... the little egg-flower thing my grandma got me has started growing! We sit it outside during the day to get some serious sunlight, but I found that the night creatures that roam around think it is some kind of toy and mess with it if we leave it out after dark (by accident, I swear!).

 Why yes, Mother. That is a Longaberger basket the little egg is resting in. You raised me well.

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