Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rain, rain, go away, come again when the farmers need you...

Let's see. It stormed last night, off and on. It continued storming off and on today, and apparently will continue to do so at least through the night. Believe me, I am throwin' a party. A very sarcastic party.

I stepped outside to take a couple of pictures of our plants blooming and I swear, the sky is glowering at me.

Irish Fest was supposed to be this weekend (and technically still is) and was meant to be really getting going today... except the thunderstorms chased off everyone but the most hardy and determined folk. Jason and I were not terribly determined (but then, I'm pretty sure we're not even remotely Irish either) and decided just to come back. He is napping right now. Wave very quietly to Jason, everyone!

I hit up the farmer's market and bought ingredients for us to take to see our friends in Cape tomorrow and their adorable toddler son! We're going to cook and Stevie is going to make her delicious, like, three-ingredient cookies. They're mint-chocolate cookies and they should be considered dangerous weapons, they're so good.

Then I mostly hung around the house, sketching. I took a couple of small pictures.

This is my sketch for the next painting I'm going to do. I'm not 100% done on even just the sketch yet, I'm trying to decide a couple of things. I've already started painting the canvas a dark brown to be my 'background' kind of color, just to see how it affects the painting. So we'll see. Going to work more on that.

This was originally just a doodle based off of a picture I took at Giant City park, but I got a little bored and started shading it in and decided I kinda like where it's going, so we'll see! I like using pencil and pen! It usually works out really well for me.

Our cilantro, bell peppers, and basil are definitely enjoying all this natural rainwater they are receiving. Especially the cilantro, though. It's jumped up noticeably in height is just a couple of days. The focus on my camera is being a bit wonky today and I ended up trying to play with our manual focus ability. I'm not sure how well it worked out, honestly, but you make do with what you've got, right?

See, that is one happy cilantro plant.

My yard is also chock-full of wet clover, too.

I will end on a cheerful note: one of the weedy wildflowers managed to survive our landlord's last mowing and is brightening up the yard where it turns into the gravel of our driveway.

Good job, little flower! Good job. I always believed you had it in you.

See, now that I've been thinking about naps, I want a nap. Give me one good reason I shouldn't nap. Just one. I beg you!

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