Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I like Wednesday. At least this one.

Yesterday I did a little cleaning while Jason was at work. One of the things I did was rearrange the bookshelves, and one of the rules I made for myself was that I could not have any more books than I had shelf space. I was even a littel stricer than was strictly necessary about it. I have about fifty books in a box waiting to be donated, books that I either don't read anymore or never read at all, books that I'm not so attached to that I cannot cut myself off from them.

They're just sitting there in the hallway, soon to be abandoned. This was very hard for me, but I'm trying to cut our accumulated Stuff by about 1/4 before we move. Moving cross-country is definitely a good excuse to downsize.

Today, Jason and I got a bit restless (he has class at 7 PM to 10 PM, but other than that, he had the day free) and went a-wanderin', as they say, through the stores.

They don't actually say that.

One thing I have to suggest to anyone I know that buys coffee; if you're in it for value, Eight O'Clock Coffee is some of the best you can find. It's cheap, sure, but it's also delicious. I've got a small pot of the Hazelnut flavor waiting to be poured into a mug right now and my whole house smells like hazelnuts and coffee. This is my happy place.

Once we were done shopping (and our landlady was done showing our place to some prospective tenants, who signed the lease for August on the spot, so I think everyone had a good day today that stepped foot through our door) we came home and he camped out on my computer playing Warhammer Online and I camped out on the couch reading my newest (and startlingly relevant) addition to my overwhelming book collection.

It is, essentially, a book about the detrimental effects of our desire for accumulating things. I'm not too far into it and so far the focus has been really on production-level issues (sweatshops, what exactly is in vinyl/PVC, why the BPA thing is not just about baby bottles, etc) but the consumer side of things is coming up. 

It is acting as a pretty good kick-in-the-butt to get me started on downsizing our collection of things.

Yes, I took that photo with the book propped on my legs. Those are my favorite shorts.

The cat came to lie down with me on the couch pretty quickly, as is her custom. There was no place for her on my stomach/lap (my book was already there) and, rejected, she took to lying in the empty space where my legs were at the end of the couch.

At first, she was pretty curled up.

A while later, I found myself shifting my legs from being less than comfortable, and found she had shifted:

And finally, in the end, she had that couch cushion all to herself:

I suspect this was her plan all along.

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