Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chipotle and White Wine French Onion Soup, unappreciated weedy wildflowers, and a nightwalk

I had an interview today, with a company I won't name just in case I get called in for a second interview. I feel like it went pretty well. The lady I interviewed with was very nice, asked me lots of those form questions (tell me about a time when you had to work long hours on your own! which is in every interview ever) but also asked some more personal stuff based on what we talked about.

So there's that. I have an interview with a temp agency next Monday. We'll see how that goes. Jason and I went for two walks today: once during the day and once at night.

 I think weed-flowers are kind of unappreciated. They're so pretty and they turn everything into a meadow. Okay, undesirable for your lawn but really, you can't blame the wild things for trying to take back the land, now can you? It's neat to see how quickly last year's plowed-down field turned into this year's wild meadow (or at least, it WILL be this year's wild meadow until the farmer gets around to plowin' it down).

I have no idea what kind of flower this is, to be honest, what plant it is for. But I've seen it growing in the spring basically forever, and I'd never looked this close before, to see all the tiny little buds on it.

We went walking again at night, restless legs needed to move. I count it all towards my new attempts to exercise, so it's all good. I probably walked about two miles over the course of the day, counting when I was wandering around the mall. Night is very still. The moon and all the stars were out, and it was a little chilly, just enough to see a hint of our breath in the air. The world looks very different in the dark.

The same scattering of leaves in the road we walked past this morning seems a little more sinister in the dark. There's some piece of writing gathering in my head about this, I just know it. I had a hard time getting any pictures to be in focus. Jason actually pulled off a spectacular shot:
He pulled this off resting his hand on the bridge (which I did too! But no luck for me). Apparently, he is very good at spontaneous relaxation of the sort that helps you hold very, very still while the night-vision setting on the camera works. It takes about a full two seconds for the imaging to finish, and you have to hold still the whole time.

On to the recipe part of the game, and potentially the part of the post everyone was waiting for.

I wanted to make french onion soup, but I never like to make anything exactly the way it's usually made, so I tried to come up with a change I could make that wouldn't change the taste so much I'd have to start calling it something else. Also I didn't want to put the soupbowls in the oven. Also this is really the kind of recipe that is probably more called for in the winter, but since it's the easiest soup in the world to make, I will eat it any time of year, let me tell you.


Chipotle and White Wine French Onion Soup with Swiss
 See, look at that. Don't you just want to eat that right now? I know I do, and I already ate it!

What You Need:
3 medium or 2 large onions, cut width-wise but not chopped.
2 medium-ish cloves of garlic, or 3 small, chopped very small
1 or 1 and a half cups white wine (we had some leftover dry white wine, that was all we had: if we'd had more, I would have added more)
Chipotle Hot Sauce (we use Cholula , which is awesome)
Beef Broth
French bread, cut into smallish pieces
Swiss cheese (I only used about a quarter of a 1 lb package for our soup and really could have used less, I just like cheese)
Salt and pepper, to taste
A little olive oil, to brush on to the bread
Butter 1/2 tablespoon (you can use a whole tablespoon too, for slightly richer soup)

And that's all you need! French onion soup is so easy to make.

And... creation!
First, cut up your onions. If you are me, you will get less than halfway through cutting, start crying from the onion fumes, and make your husband finish. Or whoever is nearby. If no one is nearby and you're me, uh, just stomp around cursing about fumes for a few minutes, then finish cutting up your onions.

In a mixing bowl, pour in a 1/2 cup of white wine and a good three or four shakes of your chipotle sauce (if you don't like things to be spicy, this is all you need to add for flavor. If you do, add more hot sauce just before you pour in the beef broth). Mix the two together. Add your onions and garlic, mix around until everything in the bowl has some white wine/hot sauce mix on it.

Preheat your oven to 350 at this time.

Now, set your mixing bowl aside to sit and heat your butter in a medium-sized saucepan on the stove. Make sure you push the butter around as it melts to get a good, even coating. Once the butter is melted, pour in everything in the mixing bowl and let it all start to cookin'. Add salt and pepper, a little more than you think you'll need (because you'll add broth later). Make sure you stir the onions around often to keep them from sticking to the pan too much.

Once your onions and garlic have begun to caramelize, add the rest of your white wine (and a little more hot sauce, if you desire). Cook until the wine has reduced by about a quarter, making sure to scrape up any onion bits that are clinging to the bottom of your pan, get them into the liquid. Then pour in your broth, put a lid on your pot, and let it start heading towards a boil.

While the soup is working, cut your French bread into chunky slices. I brushed the white part of the bread with olive oil, but this isn't a requirement. Cut your swiss into small slices and lay on top of the French bread, with a piece or two of Swiss for every slice of bread. Bake in the oven for ten to fifteen minutes, until the Swiss cheese is thoroughly melted on top and starting to get nice and bubbly. Remove and set aside if this happens before your soup is done.

When the soup boils, take the lid off, stir, set to simmer, and allow to simmer for at least ten minutes. When you're done, spoon soup into bowls generously and put one to two slices of French bread on top. Enjoy!

The mystery chain in our backyard wishes everyone a happy night! Day. Er. Whatever time it is for you when you read this, have a nice one!

Seriously, I have no idea what that chain is. It's just hanging in our backyard off some kind of wire that appears to be strung through the trees.


  1. It's early morning here and you just made me hungry! =P I'll post about my favorite food recipes anyday and I'll let you know too. =)

    Your pictures are really nice. I like them mainly because they show what's your place like. It's a great way to visit a person. =)

    Kiss your cheeks! =*

  2. Oooh, yes. Brazilian food is so good but it's one thing I don't know much about cooking!


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