Friday, April 30, 2010

But... I like my blood!

Oh, the doctor's office. I was nervous enough with going back to the doctor today, but I must admit a large part of that was the idea of the needle: knowing I was here to get blood drawn didn't make my experience any happier. When the first nurse took my blood pressure and said something about it being a little high, I just replied "I'm scared of needles". She checked what my blood pressure was the last time I came in (normal) and smiled at me.

I'm not scared of needles so much as I'm scared, oddly and unreasonably, of the pain of a needle-stick. I realize that most people barely feel it, but I usually feel a whole lot of it, and I don't much like that. No sir no way no how.

However, today was a good day. After my visit was the actual doctor, who is nice and has a great sense of humor and reminds me a lot of my older sister's childhood best friend Kari (which helps to put me at ease pretty quickly), I got to wait around for a while 'til the nice phlebotomist came to take my blood from me.

She was a very nice lady. She led me into the back room where they do this sort of thing, sat me down, and went to start getting supplies out. "I'm scared of needles," I blurted out, in the middle of our conversation about the weather.

"Oooh, okay," She said, with the no-nonsense tone of someone who hears this an awful lot. She assured me she would use the smallest needle, the 'butterfly needle' (which makes me think of butterfly shrimp, which is less than comfortable). She also kept me talking while she did it so I wouldn't freak out. All went well, really. In a few days, if anything is abnormal, I'll hear back. Otherwise, I won't. Because everything will be normal.

See? I'm such a brave girl.

Of course, other than that, I have to go pick up a prescription at the pharmacist tomorrow to help possibly deal with my problem (which I don't really want to go into in detail). And I have a thing I have to do on Tuesday as part of this too. Yay medical care?

Oh well.

There is a storm front rolling in that is supposed to basically get here and then just sit on top of us for the next several days. I'm not exactly thrilled with this prospect. Oh well. Maybe it'll hold off tomorrow morning long enough for me to have an easy time getting groceries? With my luck, that'll be the worst time. I was hoping to get laundry done tomorrow, too, but I'm not going to sit in a laundromat all day by myself while it storms up... a storm...

I'll figure something out.

In other news, I made a Pisces necklace and bracelet set! I was bored and had beads. Jason calls this "the kissing fish necklace".

I realize it's not the best picture ever, but we have kind of yellow-y light bulbs and I've been having an issue with getting my camera's regular focus to hold.

Close up!

Happy kissy fish.

I am going to drink the rest of my Bourbon County Stout now. If anyone is a beer fan, you need to go get this beer. Go get it right now. It's worth it.

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