Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Better day, less rant-y

Today I took it easy. I've been painting all day, working on a commission my friend Casey asked me to do for her. I'm not putting the in-progress pictures up here because that wouldn't be fair to Casey, for someone else to see things first like that, so I'll put it up after I'm done and she's seen it.

It's meant to be a rose with water droplets on it. I'm about 30% of the way through and not 100% certain it's going to end up as rose-like as I had hoped. As I said on facebook not long back, it looks a little like a red flower that would very much like to be a rose, bless its sad little heart.

Other than that, I haven't done much today at all. Jason gets off work in about two hours, and we're going to go pick up some things we need from the grocery store. Which does mean I'll have to change out of my painting clothes...

I must be honest with you. My painting clothes are just my regular pajamas, only they have splotches of paint on them. So... maybe not wearing my PJ's out into the world is a good choice. I feel like the moment we were out in public with me in pajamas, I would get a phone call from my mother, four hours away: "Katie, put real clothes on."

"But... how do you even know?"

"I'm your mother. That's what we do."

Hee. If you can't tell, I'm feeling a little silly today.

I've got a couple of pictures, I guess. Both of them are actually from yesterday, before we found the stray kitten. Obviously, I wasn't in much of a good mental place to post them then, but I'll put 'em up today. Please don't ask why I started posting pictures all of the time: I really don't know.

I just have a lot of feelings.


 This is the delicious food my husband fed me yesterday because I told him he was responsible for lunch. I am totally doing that more often. This is our Farmer's Market lunch! Everything on this plate was bought last Saturday except for the cheese slice underneath the spinach. This is the kind of food you want to share with everyone. No recipe, either! Literally just cook onions, cook beef with onions, put on awesome bread, add awesome things on top of it. BOOM, there's lunch.

From the early part of our walk, pre-finding of kitten:

One lone weedy flower holds out against the farmer's plow, just at the very edge of the field, by itself. All its friends and neighbors were plowed down. Good luck, little flower!

Every single one of the plants we planted is growing in a very quick way. I am pleased.

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